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Gday fellow FM enthusiasts...
i was a fiddlin with the editor one day and i was wondering how the abilities work; is it perhaps that say 140 ability equates to a certain amount of available points? ill leave you guys to tell me that! also how do positions work. i tend to find that players gain positions eg awkward in positions i havent allocated them any points eg if i have him with midfielder 20 and left 20 (because for example he can also play left back) but only set him on midfielder left 0 and load up a game my created buddy will have awkward or ineffectual in that position! nuts... thanks alot later! :ewan:


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I'm gonna stay out of this, i got completely ridiculed by Ruud a few years back when my entire grasp of the current/potential ability system was shattered :(


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Current ability is the modifier that the game uses to turn the number given for each attribute into the actual capability of the player. So for example a player with 10 CA and 0 points (from a range of -100 to +100) for heading would get a low capability rating in heading, where a player with 160 CA and 0 points for heading would have a high rating.

Some attributes are independant of CA. These have a range of +1 to +100 in the editor. This includes the likes of penalty taking and flair. Mentally influenced attributes.

About the positions: you'll have noticed there's two seperate sets of attributes for these. The GK, SW, D, DM, M, AM, F, R, C, L set is for training purposes, how easy they gain control over new positions in training. The SW, DR, DL, DC, DM, MR, ML, MC, AMR, AML, AMC, FC, WBR, WBL set is the starting value of the player in that position. Only one value for GK, because it's set. A player cannot train to be a GK if he isn't already one.


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On the note of potential and current ability. High ability=/= they will defo play well.

You can get players with low current but will play well or even have great stats. Maxim Tsigalko is THE famous example.