Editing FIFA 16 Tournaments Properly With CM


Youth Team
Guys, just a quick question, I am really concerned abt that I can't really edit tournaments properly. I add a country and copy the weather from another country then create its leagues but career and tournament crash!
I usually start by adding the tournament, then the name and the id, then for example I choose league , its the easiest, I check the fancard thing, copy he schedule from any league that has the same amount of teams then the one I want to add and paste it on the first page of the league editing, for example the Egyptian league (18 teams) and the Bundesliga (18 teams) then I add a setup stage and add the league action thing, then I add the number of teams participating and where I get them from, then do the last year ranking thing, then I name the stage and check the slots and the colors. Finally what is the problem :fluffy: Plz let me know, and THNX


Senior Squad
In 15, the issue was that you couldn't add most new countries. They crash. But you can add new leagues to existing countries. So that's one hack to use.

If you look in the countries tab in Cm16, any country with a map can be added to the league structure. If there is no map by default, you cannot add it.