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Originally posted by cgr
after reading the language file (Shifty.db for my case), does anybody know how I can link that to the teams and leagues in the fifa.db access file?

The Teamname are always THREE Databaseentries in [lang].db for EACH Team.

Think that the complete id in the db has 8 digits.

The first 7 ist related to the team. The last one related to the "type of entry".

In example of Aachen.

You´ll find
30018260 Alemannia Aachen
30018261 Aachn
30018262 A. Aachen

1 and 2: Identifier for "Teamentry". Don´t think about tha, just use it ;)
In normal Teams it is 30. There are Teams with 31 also but this are possibly (dunno exactly) team for a special playmode in fifa!?

3, 4, 5, 6 and 7: TeamID

8: Here you find 0, 1 and 2
0 is the "long Teamname"
1 is Teamname short (5 chars)
2 is Teamname medium (i think 10 chars like in 04)

In the fifa.db you should have to use ONLY the teamid without leading 0´s

In this example it means that
30018260 would be translated to

We don´t need the Teamidentifier 30 and we don´t need the long or short name... remove 0/1/2

01826 without leading zero is 1826. And THAT´S the TeamID of Alemannia Aachen.

Hope it helps!?


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just what I needed :-)

I'll suppose there's a similar logic for the league names and position names, but I'll figure that out myself.


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the leagueid can be extracted in a similar way where the first 2 digits are "10"

- however, the positions doesn't really seem to be that logical, since they run from 1592-1621....

I'll investigate a bit and get back, if I find a suitable logic to it.


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Re: Edit FIFA 2005 database with UniDB @ www.fifaecp.com

Originally posted by Hercules
You can now edit the FIFA 2005 rosters and database by using UniDB 3.0.

Version 3.0 adds FIFA 2005 support, where you can export FIFA 2005 databases (.db files) as well as FIFA 2004 and UEFA EURO 2004 formats.

You can then view the exported MDB database using Microsoft Access 97/2000/XP (2003 not tested, but should be compatible).



Great tool. :rockman:

Whats up with creating own teams ??? Can we now ? :rockman:

Cya !


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Can someone please tell me why the Sleeve attribute doesn't work? The number is either 0 or 1, I'm assuming 1 is long sleeves. But I have never seen any players apart from my Created one wear long sleeves. Is this a buG??


Team Positions codes

Team Positions

600 GK
601 SW
602 RWB
603 RB
604 RCB
605 CB
606 LCB
607 LB
608 LWB
609 RDM
610 RCDM
611 CDM
612 LCDM
613 LDM
614 RWM
615 RM
616 RCM
617 CM
618 LCM
619 LM
620 LWM
621 RAM
622 RCAM
623 CAM
624 LCAM
625 LAM
626 RF
627 CF
628 LF
629 RS
630 ST
631 LS
632 Sub
633 Res
634 LCF
635 RCF

Disregard the digit 6 at the beginning of the code.
Extracted from the eng.db file of Fifa 2004. This should help you potential editors out there.



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Originally posted by MancoBlanco
I don't have Acces, can Fifa ECP make DBEdit for Fifa 2005?

- Hercules already said he would put more work into this, IF he can find the time.

Untill then, get MS Access, and start learning some DB work - I'm sure it'll be useful for you :)


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hmmm Keegan, I believe my positions in my Shifty.db file are numbered differently, or maybe I just missed some positions sitting at 6600-6633

i'll go have a closer look


I've actually used the positions...

Originally posted by cgr
hmmm Keegan, I believe my positions in my Shifty.db file are numbered differently, or maybe I just missed some positions sitting at 6600-6633

i'll go have a closer look

I've actually used the positions I listed above in a patch-in-progress and it works perfectly... but I didn't look at the Shifty.db (for obvious reasons) but hey... it may actually be different.



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i cant find it !!!
when i click on downloads section it said not found page !!
can anybody gimme the direct plzzzzzzzzz:(


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I used UniDB to convert fifa.db into access database, and found player names in "table_playerwrite" table. But there is some problem with changing.
I successfully changed one player name corresponding to the proper player_id field for my team, but when i changed another name, problem occurs. When I start game on go into squad settings for the team i have only formation, not any of the player names.
During some hours on work on this database i figured that if I use shorter surname for the second player I want change, then the game is ok.
Does someone know what is the problem?
Thanx in advance!