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You can now edit the FIFA 2005 rosters and database by using UniDB 3.0.

Version 3.0 adds FIFA 2005 support, where you can export FIFA 2005 databases (.db files) as well as FIFA 2004 and UEFA EURO 2004 formats.

You can then view the exported MDB database using Microsoft Access 97/2000/XP (2003 not tested, but should be compatible).




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It works great for the fifa.db und meta.db, but it doesn't work with fifa.db. When I want to convert the ger.db, there is an error :(

Another question: Where can I find the Team-names ??


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Please Help me!

Thanks Hercules



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Hi Hercules, I can't figure out the difference between 2 columns in teamkits table: "jerseynumbercolorid" (1) and "numbercolor" (2). I think it's the same difference that intercurs between "shortsnumbercolorid" and "shortnumbercolor".
Well the problem is that I was trying to change AC Milan numbers color from white to gold. It seems that changing column (2) values it's useless. Instead If you change column (1) values you can put different fonts on the kits, but with a specific color only!
For example 221 is for EPL font white, 222 is for EPL font black.
I can't find the code for Adidas (or another generic font) gold!
Can you help me please?
Thanx :(


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Herkules: Is there a possibility to get an second unidb which converts from/to csv-files (comma-separated-values)....

I could use such files to manage the data from within my php-scripts at www.vdfb.de (a (the) german bundesliga).... With such a unidb (possibly starable via commandline with parameters to help automatism) i can easy make a new patch for my users each weak an i dont have to write an additional tool to convert my csv´s into the access-db...

Would be nice to get an positiv answer from you. Hold on you good work!!!! And thanx a lot for the exiting tools!!

Best regards,

DonManfred (coder of vdfb.de)


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after reading the language file (Shifty.db for my case), does anybody know how I can link that to the teams and leagues in the fifa.db access file?