Ecuadorian League for FIFA 14


Reserve Team
Author: 67tazmany
Thanks for your kit to Rraauull Barcelona SC
BETA Version
Database 2013-14
It worked Uniforms 2013-14 detail by detail, height sponsors, as it should be .
New Additions Gloves
Dorsal New Listings , love it , much detail that aspect .
I just worked the League.
New Boots Agergados was necessary, to have a few players such as in real life have them.
Characteristics of players who were already in FIFA 14 , who play in the Ecuadorian League were corrected.
Heights stockings, sleeves , shirt outside or inside the shorts, accessories, age , height and weight as in real life , for most players worked . It's really difficult to find information on Ecuador .
There are pages where I found information, but I was wrong, so if I the term , is a science , this Ecuadorian league. Reminds me of the 2011, I did.
In some clubs in uniform , reaching the fourth gear .
Banners are working with the new style of FIFA 14
Flags, corrected and several new , as in real life, not made ​​randomly.
It is assumed that the manager mode , should run smoothly xD
I had problems with the tournament thus far do not know why , maybe you do not pass it , or not .
Logos for both the league and for the clubs .
This patch does not bring new stadiums .
Start the game with the flag of Mexico .
Make the original db , have it updated to 16 December this year .
A. .. and not faint FIFA Regenerator installed and ready xD just not necessary.
Images in game

Install where FIFA 14 are for example :
C: \ Program Files (x86 ) \ Origin Games \ FIFA 14
Be asked to replace, if everything and ready .

DOWNLOAD Ecuadorian League for FIFA 14 *[66,6 MB]