Duong's face thread


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You can download his faces also from Fifa Poland download. Here is promotion screenshot:
There are faces for:

- Alexei Smertin ( Chelsea )
- Wilfred Bouma ( PSV Eindhoven )
- Maniche ( FC Porto )
- Cristiano Ronaldo ( Manchester United )
- Paulo Ferreira ( Chelsea )
- Patrick Kluivert ( with new hairstyle and new face texture ) ( Newcastle )
- Ryan Giggs ( Manchester United )
- Rio Ferdinand ( textures update ) ( Manchester United )
- Frank Lampard ( Chelsea )
- Shay Given ( Newcastle )
- Petr Cech ( .o file update ) ( Chelsea )
- Steven Gerrard ( hair update ) ( Liverpool )
- Kaka ( AC Milan )


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Duong for your next Face Pack, Can you make Ronaldinho, Beckham hair Update, Eto'o, Trezeguet, Torres, Nesta, Deco, Marquez and Fabregas ?
Ronaldinho =>

Beckham =>

Eto'o =>

Trezeguet =>

Torres =>

Nesta =>

Deco =>

Marquez =>

Fabregas =>

Sorry for my big post ...


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oi C.Ronaldo77, your post seems full of requests but I can't see your pictures...
btw Vladinho, you shouldn't flood someone's thread with kinda posts like that, it's useless...
btw, I'm a bit bored out so keep requesting along with posting pictures so I will find it easier to make my 3rd super facepack


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hey guys, I'm back... Now I'm not planning on creating the third super facepack so it's most likely that I'm about to make single-released faces...
Requests along with good pictures are welcome !!! C'mon guys !!! Hurry up while I'm still sure that I can be here.


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Hey duong, nice to see you again!

I know i'm facemaker, but I'm very busey these days so I cannot make faces (dont have time for it), so I ask u can u make these faces:
Urby Emanuelson (Ajax):
Arjan Wisse (AZ):
Gianni Zuiverloon (Feyenoord):
Tim Vincken (Feyenoord):
Quincy Owusu Abeyie (Arsenal):


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thanks for requesting.... I'm currently about to start over now...

been busy watching Naruto lately hehe :D