Duong's 08 Faces Thread (Probably only for a short while...)


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@Casanova, boreto8, andy88, 10Ruud: Thanks guys :)
@iuli_henry: Thanks for the comment, and for the vote :D

Alright, this time I've done Luca Toni. Yeah I know it's a face that has been made by several facemakers over and over again recently, but I still gave it a tried 'cause I'd said so some time ago :) Better not to break a promise :)
So here it is, Luca Toni's face.


And in-game shots follow:

Alright :) So I'll be around waiting for your comments and suggestions.

Thanks a lot.


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Hi Duong!
The quality of your faces is unbelievable! I'm stunned! You are without a doubt the best facemaker here in my opinion! I'm also grateful to you for making faces from many leagues and not concetrating only on one league.
Keep up the good work, you have my support! :)

Here are my face suggestions: (if Duong of course doesn't have any other players in mind at the moment! I respect any decision he makes for a face!)
The players suggested are those who don't have a unique face by default (shock decisions by EA!)

- Mirko Vucinic (y'all must have heard about this great AS Roma attacker?) :)

- Giuseppe Rossi (promising young Italian talent!!)

- Jesus Navas (yes, many have made him but surely we would like to see your version of him) :)

- Alessandro Rosina (Torino's icon!)

- Albert Streit (should be in the German national team!) :D

- James Milner (Newcastle's amazing yougn midfielder)

- Niko Kranjcar (Croatia's next big star)

I'm not pressuring you into making these, just throwing out suggestions :)


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dvlfish;2442052 said:
- Albert Streit (should be in the German national team!) :D

- Niko Kranjcar (Croatia's next big star)

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease make kranjcar!
and maybe streit! (Y) he's really very good but has an argument with germany coach
next season he plays for schalke 04! ole :lui:



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@Tuga*pT, bybuti, Vali, boreto8: Thanks a bunch guys :p
@Merseyside1892: Thanks. There's still transparency there mate :) I don't think I really need an alpha file for this face :p
@GangsterShoot: The last face for my 3rd pack will be Andres Iniesta.
@Rohanso: Thanks. I'll give it a try some time.
@Casanova: Thanks. Kalou might be the next on my list after Iniesta. If not, he'll most probably be somewhere in my 4th pack.
@dvlfish: Thanks a lot for your compliments :D I think I'll take a look at Rosina, Vucinic and Streit.
@AlPaci: I'll try Streit first. For Kranjcar's face, I'd better go look for some better pictures of him first. Thanks a lot for your help with the photos.

Duong;2441941 said:

And in-game shots follow:

For Luca Toni's face, I've made a slight update with some changes in the front part of the hair but it shouldn't be too necessary to take some more in-game screenshots of it.
Are there any more comments and/or suggestions? If not, I'd say I've finished this face and will move on to Andres Iniesta's face. Yay, another Barca boy again :p

Take care.


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wow Silencer :rockman: you rock my world buddy :rockman: wonderful screenies - well of course - again :D btw thanks for the comment ;)


Your welcome friend although you've improved a lot with your screens I see ;)
Next screens I'll make are with Abidal :) They all look great ingame (Y)