Duong's 08 Faces Thread (Probably only for a short while...)


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thanks a lot guys. Next up is Fernando Torres, a collab between me and Remal :) and the last one will be Marcelo Gallardo


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Thanks Rohit and Santi :D. Barca loss btw :( my god and now i'm sleepy too xD

I'm gonna post up some in game screens of Torres in a few minutes :) Any other comments on Albiol? If not let's just consider it finished :)


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hye duong luv the face but u still havent done the mpenza u said u wood do could u squeeza it in or not dont matter just wood like his facce


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@lwkguy: I'm still gonna make it. But not for this pack. In the future there will be times that I'll return for like a few hours just to check in and release several more faces, so don't worry :) As for Chielini, abyPREDATOR.

Ok here we go again fellas. Fernando Torres's face is here. And here is how Remal and I decided on our tasks: Remal made the face and hair textures, face mapping and half of the face model. I finished the other half of the face model, alpha hair channel, hair mapping, hair model and did some other slight modifications before testing the face in the game


Here are the in-games. For side and back views, check out screenshots #4, #5 and #6

Finally a DRC screen:

Any comments would be most appreciated guys. We'll pay attention to your opinions and work on update versions accordingly :)



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Oops, deleted the above post :p lemme check again with Remal about this first :D

*edited: After I spoke to Remal we've decided that we'll keep the black headband. I'll only make the back of the hair protrude more and make it longer too. So there's no need to post an update screen


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Damn great work Duong and Remal on Torres! It's PERFECT!!!!!!!

I will miss you Duong. :(
I wish you good luck on your studies when you embark on them!