Duong's 08 Faces Thread (Probably only for a short while...)

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Duong;2449442 said:
@mytimeisnow: ...
@LFC Forever: Yes mate :D Glad you have it and are using it. Actually the Stevie G taken in that screenshot is a so-called "refashioned" face with an enlarged texture that matches FIFA 08 format and hair style, skin tone along with some other parts on the model updated.

My next 2 faces will be van der Sar (yet another United dude but please don't have any hard feelings because this has already been in my making list from before) and Frank Lampard. The third one might be David Albelda (Valencia again - that was Remal's request).
In the mean time...

I enlarged your texture, resized the model, and match the color of your face too!

Glad to hear that you are making Premier League faces ;). However, it's always better to make faces from every country/league/region. But still, as a Premier League lover, I am happy that you are making these faces!


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Okay I didnt know that, I just saw hairtexture of C.Ronaldo and thought you do it everywhere:D Nevilles hair is more than perfect, if this is 1GF:)


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@dvlfish: Oooh mate that's certainly not a reassurance :P I'll see what I can do.
@Rohanso: Yes it is 1G. Thanks mate :)
@Optimi: You're welcome mate.
@pucela1: I'd love to but do you have bigger photos of him?

Alright guys, here goes my 21st face for this season - Chelsea's spirit Frank Lampard. Well dvlfish posted that EA's original was perfect and Remal also said the same for Putensen's 07 Lampard, so I really didn't know how this one turns out... but hey who can blame me xD


Some in-game screenshots. To see the alpha hair in more detail you would wanna take a good look at #3, if not I think the preview screen above or the DRC screen down there should be good enough already ;)

There you go, DRC screenie:

So that's it for today. I'll be around waiting for some of the opinions that you guys wanna share with me on this face (or actually any other things you've got to say :D). Always appreciate your comments and/or any other replies guys ;)
Cya guys around.


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Guys sorry about this but I was too busy to make any new faces today :( Starting tomorrow I'll also be busy but I'll try to find time to make faces. Just keep requesting if you need to, I'll see what I can do. The next face might not be van der Sar any more, since I didn't do anything with faces today and I've lost interested in making his face. So maybe I'll move on to someone else.

Cya tomorrow with a new face guys :D

Oh and btw Lampard can still be considered quite a new face ;). Any comments will be very much appreciated.

Thanks guys.


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@Optimi: Thanks mate, I'll update it. A bit strange though, cuz my Lampard's eyes are even smaller than EA's original if you come to think about it :D

So...no more comments on Lampard? Then I guess after the update it'll be finished. Ok yesterday I did tell u guys that I wasn't gonna be making van der Sar but then I thought "hey he was already on my list so why should I go through all the troubles to find new materials for another face??", so I finally decided to still make his face. Quite a challenge though, cuz he's getting old and is always keeping his hair messy - hard enough to follow xD :P He's still my favourite goalkeeper anyway :)


In-game (I personally like last screenshot the most, cuz the lighting effects of the game shown in this one really make the face look more realistic :P):

DRC screen ***updated further from the above screens, following LFC Forever's comment: eyes opened wider (they always look wider in O-edit than they're in game so most of the time I need an update like this :(), skin colour lightened***:

Alright. Hope to see some comments from you guys. If possible could you pay a bit of attention to Lampard's face which was posted right above, which is this post?

Thanks a lot.