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Dr. A

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veganx6;3950582 said:
wow top quality faces!

W.S;3950621 said:
Good work :)

z_in;3950626 said:
Very good quality work!

enzo109;3950657 said:
Very nice faces!!!
Can you make Gustavo Gomez from Milan?

I'll think about it, after I finish these faces.

AlphaDawgJJ;3950649 said:
Fantastic work on these faces, dude.
Nice to finally have a good version of Ojo.
Any chance you're considering Klavan and Grujic? :)

After todays win, I just might :)

krisaju95;3950694 said:
great job man

poet11;3950698 said:
Brilliant faces and nice choices.

AudiS3;3950726 said:
Fantasticcc brooo

thanks lads !

Dr. A

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AlphaDawgJJ;3950882 said:
Yeah, well aware of hoppy's version. I think it can be improved, though. The nose is way too big.
Would really love a good Klavan though. He a great signing.

you mean... something like this ? :P


Dr. A

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AlphaDawgJJ;3950904 said:
HAHAAAAAA! Yass! Champion!
*insert emphatic high five*
Great stuff, Doc :)

Glad you like it ! :D

Dice_lfc;3950948 said:
Great Klavan man, really needed face. Maybe make his expression a bit more neutral? (not smiling)

pkpkoliveira;3950994 said:
Maaann, that's gonna be a perfect Klavan!!

He looks like a great defender

Thanks , I'll work on the expression and the head shape :)