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Another update on that Stockholm Euro '92 turf pattern:-

Rasunda pattern during the Sweden v England game

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Hey Guys,

I dont know if you any of you guys made this already.But recently I'm using Nvidia Filter to play FIFA16, its brilhant. For todays games I'm using a filter given by @The Wizard , Its brilhant It looks like a different game.

But thats not the reason I'm posting here, the reason is that I made some tests using Classic Patch when playing older World Cups. And I'm happy with the results.

1970 World Cup

View attachment 76882

1958 World Cup

View attachment 76883

Like I sad, there is ton of possibilities I just tested some. Did anyone tried something?

Ps: For those interested in the nowadays filters by Wizard this is what I'm using:

View attachment 76887

This is without the configuration:

View attachment 76886

Real cool filter. Only for Nvidia? Is there some for AMD cards?


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Hi All, I've been watching some Euro '92 recently and got inspired.

I couldn't find the Norrkoping Stadion, so converted this one from PES6 (credit to the oriignal creator whoever that is). I've added some extra details, but some errors still remain (half burried stewards etc)

View attachment 98675

Also I spotted some variety to the adboards depending on location. So I've edited the 1992 one from this patch and added some bits:-
View attachment 98676

View attachment 98677

I've added Rasundastadion and Gothenburg Turf patterns in the zip file too.

Feel free to use any of these files in the Classic Patch 16.

the reason for half buried staff is in the props folder items , often it can be adjusted and generally it is only for choreo slc characters.. you can remove all the choreo changin sle.lua in fifarna


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the reason for half buried staff is in the props folder items , often it can be adjusted and generally it is only for choreo slc characters.. you can remove all the choreo changin sle.lua in fifarna
Yeah, thanks drlatorre I Know, but it's just so time consuming tweaking the individual slc up on the z axis a tiny a bit then exporting, then loading the game and testing over and over. It's worth it in the end but I wish I had the time for the laborious process!

Recently I remembered that the waaaay back the 'Dr Mods' guy (or whatever he was called) discovered a way to add back in the edit player screen in career mode, which got me thinking was this possible in tournament mode (i was playing thru italia 90 and euro 92 in CP16) and I couldn't find a download for it so had a look into this myself - got it working (i think!) after a bit of trial and error so here it is for anyone who's interested:-

cheers, thanks to all for the retro fifa16 work.

*Oops, forgot to mention, it adds player edit (boots, accessories etc) to the settings tab in tournament mode.


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I solved this problem by changing the 3rd line in Origin Games\FIFA 16\data\fifarna\lua\assignments to setGentexSettings(2048,9,"argb"). If you still have problems, try deleting this line.
Do you or anyone else knows what is default value of this setting?

Some notes about Latvian Euro 2004 squad:
Andrejs Rubins don't have a head
Artūrs Zakreševskis is CB/RB (optional) not LB/CB, is right footed not left and is 6'2'' (189cm) tall not 5'11'' + skillset needs to be reviewed, because it's made with side back on mind
Oļegs Blagonadeždins is LB not CB
Imants Bleidelis is RM not CM/CDM (at least till 2004/05 he was) + he definitely wasn't faster than Rubins - you can at least swap Bleidelis and Rubins sprint speed and acceleration values
Dzintars Zirnis is LB/RB not LB/CB
Igors Korablovs is LB not RB/CB
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FiFA Converter cannot open the file.. Photoshop cannot...GIMP ... DDS to PNG converter cannot... conversion online cannot RX Master can't see the texture.... Paint.Net cannot....

I can see it only with CG File Explorer that let me download it as DDS.. and only as DDS not PNG... as other files.... but the downloaded file is not recognized by any software..

The format of the texture is RGBA... it means RGB + Alpha...

Of course there should be a way.,.. but I don't know how...

If someone wants to try the file is shorts_1_0_bnm.rx3 in data/sceneassets/kitcmn ... You can look for it in CG File Explorer


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Featuring two game mode:

– World Cup 1930-2018 (for 2014, thanks FIFA ARGENTINA) (for 2018, thanks Ovide)
– Euro Cup 1960-2016
– Confederations Cup 1992-2017
– Olympic Games 1908-1948

– World Cup 1990-1998
– Euro Cup 1992-1996
– Confederations Cup 1992-1999
– 1995 Umbro Cup
– 1997 Tournoi de France
– European Cup 1990-91 to 1991-92
– Champions League 1992-93 to 1999-00
– J.League (1993-98) with All Stars teams

ATTENTION: to change the Game Mode you have to extract the ones you want to play. In Program Files/ Origin Games/FIFA 16 you will find two archieve ( NATIONAL TEAMS and 1990s). Extract and PLAY!

Other features of the patch:
– 2-point system
– Old shorts from 1974-1986
– Minikits by Ovide, pao4ever, mamounet
– 1381 real faces + 39 specificFace
– 401 classic shoes
– PlayerShoeTeam system for 475 players
– 78 classic balls
– Stadium Server (208 stadiums)
– Specific pitchmowpattern
– Specific goalnet and goalpost for stadiums from 1908 to 1954

*Available only in ENGLISH


If the game crash at the first start try to insert my Profile in the folder located in Documents/FIFA 16:
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I will be on vacation for 7 days so I don't guarantee assistance on some issues. Leave the various feedbacks and reports here in the thread. Unfortunately in the last week I have added commitments and I hope this release is ok.

I want to thank everyone who has helped me over the past few months.

Changelog v2.0:
- fixed collar referee JLeague
- fixed setting.lua (setGentexSettings)
- fixed green image on minifaces
- new country logo
- fixed USA flag (1912-1959)
- jerseyfont ISL 2018
- updated minikits Romania 2016
- added and updated minifaces for Romania 1984, 1990, 1994, 1996, 1998, 2000, 2008, 2016
- added identifyGK(ID) command to all romanian goalkeepers so the GK on the bench will wear gk kit instead of home/away kit
- added real manager Anghel Iordanescu for Romania 1994, 1996, 1998 and 2016 in data/slc
- fixed Nicolae Stanciu
- fixed name manager for Romania 1930, 1934 and 1938
- fixed ID for Marius Popa
- pedestal WC1994
- updated pedestal WC1998
- specific pitchmowpattern
- specific goalnet and goalpost for stadiums from 1908 to 1954
- fixed jersey name of some players
- assigned correct shoes to all players WC2018

1980 - Mitre Delta 1000
1988 - Uhlsport Pro 2001
1988 - Uhlsport Pro 2001 (Inter)
1989 - Select Brillant Super
1989 - Uhlsport Pro 2001 (Lazio)
1990 - ABM Pro Cup
1990 - Derbystar Deko (Atalanta)
1990 - Diadora Samba
1992 - Mitre Pro Max Premier League
1992 - Mitre Ultimatch 1000
1994 - Select Brillant Super (Juventus)
1995 - Uhlsport ACT4
1995 - Uhlsport ACT4 (Fiorentina)
1995 - Uhlsport ACT4 (Inter)
1995 - Uhlsport ACT4 (Lazio)
1995 - Uhlsport ACT4 (Parma)
1996 - Mitre Ultimax (Premier League)
1997 - Uhlsport PT 13
1997 - Uhlsport PT 13 (Lazio)
1997 - Uhlsport PT 13 (Vicenza)
1998 - Diadora Samba (Roma)
1998 - Mitre Ultimax (Fiorentina)
1998 - Puma (Parma)
1999 - Nike Geo (UEFA Champions League)
2000 - Nike Geo (UEFA Champions League)

do Dragao
Elland Road
da Luz
Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium
Ernst Happel Stadium
Stade Velodrome (old)
Stadio del PNF
Centnario WC30
Gran Parque Central WC1930
Sapporo Dome
Stade de France
Estadio Neza
Estadio Tres de Marzo

Mitsuzawa Stadium
Daegu Stadum
Suwon Stadium
White City Stadium
Stockholm Olympic Stadium
Olympisch Stadion Antwerp
Colombes (Olympic Games 1924 + World Cup 1938)
Olympisch Stadion Amsterdam
San Siro (1926)
Olympiastadion Berlin (1936)
Wankdorfstadion (1954)
Maracana (1950)



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