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GIGGIRIVA - mad respect for you and everyone who helped you. the amount of time, effort, patience, work this would have taken is mind blowing. You are a true connossieur of football. I am loving this. Hey, is there a playerlist.txt file or teamlist.txt file. it would be very handy for me as i would love to be able to access information quickly- id like to tinker with player ratings or formations (for my personal use only) - if that is okay by you. and once again - you are a legend for the work you have done. Football Gaming Hall of fame material!! God Bless you
you can see here:
it's for v3.3 of the database, but i'm going to update it to v4.3 soon.


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Guys I can't find photos of the away shirt on the pitch. I don't know what the pants and socks were like. And for the GK if anyone can find a photo to understand the design.

There are hardly any photos, hope this helps


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