[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14


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Molto bene. Really excited at the prospect of playing 90's Serie A in the next release, & eventually 90's EPL.

Thanks for everything lads. This is literally the most exciting thing happening in football gaming right now.


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Maybe Tony Adams for Arsenal captain instead of Lee Dixon ;)
You can't imagine how many horrors there are both for the kits for the formations for the period 1990-1995 in the first teams added as a single season. I initially added without checking. I should double check all the very first teams created. For Serie A, I double-checked everything up to 1990-91. Except the jerseys, I'll have to redo some kits there next year.


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Giggi Respect for all your work.

Any chance for referees faces? Collina, Urs Meier... ?
This referees faces has been created for PES.
mmm better not add them. I know myself and for me it would be a deleterious thing. If I add Collina I'm almost forced to add referees from the 70s and 80s. Then in the end it would just be a huge waste of time because most people skip the kinematics. You notice it once, twice, after skip. It would be a huge waste of time and energy.


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Excellent patch shines par excellence.

First of all thank you for making such a big project real for us, but I think you should not ignore the teams from the late 1990s to the first half of the 2000s.

Commenting that there are big leagues of those years that hardly take importance within the patch and if we consider the importance that the English league, the Spanish league and the German league have within football par excellence, I think that ignoring those leagues is a bit out of place.