[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14

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thanks , but not all of them , only :
8. Cartwheel And Flip
14. Front Flip
20. Jumping Uppercut
22. Knee Slide Arms Out
24. Knee Slide With Little Turn
25. Knee Slide And Standing Fist Pump
31. Old Man
42. Spanish Dance
43. Twist Flip (Nani's Style)
46. Walking Backflip (Nani's Style)
49. Slide And Lay Flat On Back
65. Praying God On Knees
69. "Crazy" Dance (Cuadrado)
76. "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" (Neymar's Dance)
81. Kiss The Pitch
82. Right Here Right Now (CR7)
83. Salute Stand
93. Calm Down (CR7)
94. Bear-Claws (CR7)
96. Bailando Robot
102. Kiss The Wrist
103. Show Respect (I'm Sorry)

1. Aeroplane
2. Arms Out
9. Finger Points
10. One Finger Wag
12. Flying Bird (Arms Crossed On Chest)
16. Heart Symbol
17. One Arm Raised
18. Arms To The Sky (God) - Point To Sky
21. Thumb Suck
22. Thumb Suck And One Arm Raised

and i do not see any excel files like what he mentioned before

Van gol

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@giggiriva How can you make a player played for more than one team ? Did you use any tools beside the Creation Master ?


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Hey, sorry if this is a noob question but uhh..
How do we see multiple faces of one player in Creation Master?
For example, Paolo Maldini in Milan 88-89 INGAME has a different face from the Maldini in Creation Master.
Thierry Henry in France 1998 INGAME has a different face (he has hair) from the Henry (bald) in Creation Master.

Thanks in advance.

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@V.K will be the happiest when he see this:

GIGGI, all Vietnam Legends: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cbp9jde89gzz005/Vietnam+Legends.rar/file
This is all Vietnam Legends in Fifa Online 4 but in Fifa Online 3 there is more
Did you still keep the FO3 file to export those faces ?

Dare bF004

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Does anyone have a list of players in this classic patch? ID and name players.