[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14


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Hi im colaborated with this patch

later upload to *.rar whit this file png boots

thanks for the fantastic work

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Dear @GIGGIRIVA and @acicog30

I follow the advancement of your incredible patch since 2016. I know you do not want to add teams of the 2010s and I understand your point. However, I have grown up with the Lewandowski's Dortmund, the Mbappe's Monaco and the Remontada.

During lockdowns, I made an add-on for the Classic Patch v2.4 that adds more recent clubs, tournaments and NTs. I tried to add them as if they were part of the original patch (same team names, same league organisation etc.)

As you are the creators, I wanted to have your permission to share this add-on on another thread.
Take care Giggi and thank you again for this masterpiece !


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Thanks! This can be very helpful.
If you haven't seen it before, I've assembled a boot collection from 1990s to 2020s for Classic Patch here:

Like the first artificial Earth satellite Sputnik 1, this bootpack will guide you through the years 1994-2018 with most era appropriate boots being used automatically.

Credits: Scouser for making this possible; Alex10, RD86, Pao4ever, Barrysun, Xuskan, JS8, Nabo78, Pillowbiter, Mh25, CBM, Rout, Acicog30, eddyedwards, pe pe, mita996 & all other makers.

Most importantly: you need team.lua file with SetTeamYear command for each team to use correct year boots. Please check the ReadMe file carefully, explanations and examples provided there.

Please do report any issues, mistakes and make sure to provide lacking boot models if you find any.


But I really have no idea about anything happening in the boots world before 2002, so if you know the 90s-2000s boots it would be really helpful if you could give some info like:

fila kevlar 1998 - worn by (PLAYERS) during (YEARS)


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Can anyone remove the beard from a Britos hair model? That would be Sylvinho's Starhead


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if i'm to say one single regret about this fascinating, amazing, fabolous mod that would be a regret it wasn't made for fifa 12 (or any other before fifa 14), which is (gameplay wise) imho the best out of that generation... fifa 14 feels like it was made just to fill the gap for upcoming next gen ignite engine.

anway, i hope you are feeling better @GIGGIRIVA , i wish you good healt and all the best ;) long live fifa classic patch!


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Hello. The player models in FIFA 14 seem too tall and thin to me. Is there a way to change the player models? Make them less tall and more dense