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Guys there is something that really annoying me till i play the patch, the adboards.....this electronic adboards are unacceptable before 2000' era, so i try many times to remove the electeonic arbords or to change it to static but no success...please any statium maker can help with small tutorial or advice !!!!
I asked years ago ... Never got an answer ....


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pls can u find a solution and edit the goalnet to become pure white like next gen not grey thank u


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Starting XI
"clone" Totti with new OVR 82 for 90's for this teams

Roma 1990-95
Roma 1995-00
Roma 95-96
Roma 97-98

Theoretically, two clones would be needed for the young Totti. One OVR 77 for Roma 1990-95 and Roma 95-96. the other OVR 82/83 for Roma 1995-00 and Roma 97-98. For now we are satisfied with one ... Then we will see ...