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Hi guys... How are you? I'm fine but i'm very busy and i've a little time to read the forum in last two days. When i've time i'm working to fix the patch with the reports send to me Acicog and tomasoni... I've try to fix some faces send me by Telega 4 months ago. Not good works because i'm a lot rusty!!!

Aimar Pablo (Telega12 + default Fifa 14)

Bjarnason Birkir (Telega12 + old patch version)

Bresciano Mark (Telega12 + GIGGIRIVA)

Dudek Jerzy (Telega12 + GIGGIRIVA)

Emre Belozoglu (Telega12 + GIGGIRIVA)

Ricardo (Telega12 + default Fifa 14)

Tuncay Sanli (Telega12 + GIGGIRIVA)

And this is a faces started 4 month ago and finished yesterday

Sanchis Manuel (FIX)

Rossi Sebastiano (need better photo for texture)

Respect... (Y)


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Updating/adding some stuffs:

  • 1952-58 Puma Super Atom

  • 1958 - Puma

1966 - Puma Wembley

1970's - Puma King


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a small feedback, I was playing euro 1964 and I dont know but in URSS the penalty taker is lev yashin


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do u have a realistic face of EDGER DAVIDS ? A new version not like this


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In last dlc 4 for pes, there are many new legends, such as Bergomi, Elber, Koller, Morientes etc, it means that we can see them in our fifa soon
hi Telega12 can u pls make Edger Davids real face like this


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