[DOWNLOAD] Classic Patch 14


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Thanks to Giggi for all his great work on this patch and to Andrea for continuing his work!

Are there any English teams in the 85-90 part or are they banned due to the Heysel incident?


Youth Team
English teams will be included.
And in this next release will regularly partecipate to the tournament.
I m thinking (if possible) to issue a second tournament (for next future releases) in which english teams will be present, but not partecipate at the final stage (the knockout rounds).



Youth Team
Grazie acicog, your work as well as the work from josepa, plaster and serhyim is really important and well appreciated!
OM93 as well is willing to join us helping with some kits!


Youth Team
All spanish kits very well done by plaster, that is going to do eastern germans.
All greek/turk and austrian kits very well done by acicog.
I managed to do belgian (apart kv mechelen that i need an help) and some soviet teams.

By serhyim we got some english kits, and he s doing to finish them
Josepa and OM93 helping with other kits.

Now we ve left around 20 teams kits (20x3 kits at least) and few adboards to be ready to release 1985-90 European clubs.
Hope we can release in beginning of January. It will depend from the missing kits, when we managed to finish them. But we are going faster than expected.


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Xmas news: we have to do kits only for 10 teams and then we can release the patch!

Merry christmas to everyone!!!


Youth Team
Grazie cestero!! Very well appreciated!!

Thanks to acicog and Serhyim we are now at less than 10 kits left to have 1985-90 euro clubs released.

About SOUTH AMERICANS we can do it from next future because we have to separate the patch (NATIONAL TEAMS and CLUBS) to free ID spaces.