[Download] Bigger Player Indicator Icon

Sami 1999

Reserve Team
This is a half assed fix for small player indicators when playing at higher resolutions like at 1800p or more.

Still looks small at 2160p but playable. Looks okay on 1800p. The fix was very easy and anyone can nake it in minutes, but incase you haven't figured out yet- download from here. The link is given below:


Let me know if it works, use at your own risk. But usually it should work just fine.


Sami 1999

Reserve Team
hiroshi;3959234 said:
hello Sami 1999
It works with a good feeling.

ArSeNaL4LlFE;3959236 said:

xKira;3959265 said:
nice :D
did you changed something in the hex or just the texture 0001?

I'm glad it worked.

@xKira, no hex edit was required. I didn't even increase the resolution of Tex 0001 and 0024. What I never figured before was that the actual texture was smaller than 32x32.

Only the canvas size was 32x32 and the Triangular icon was like 12x12 or something like that.

I stretched the triangular icon to fill the whole 32x32 canvas.

By the way, the pro clubs icon still looks small. I didn't modified those textures yet (dont have enough time atm because of exams). Feel free to edit the Pro clubs indicators usin my technique. ;)

Sami 1999

Reserve Team
Maybe now we need to find a way to make the red arrows more brighter. I play wih keyboard and its always light blue which is fine. But for gamepad users- dark red can be troublesome. .

Sami 1999

Reserve Team
regularcat;3959299 said:
Yes, but for convenience of the downloader you preview in the thread.


I planned to upload a screenshot too but don't have enough time, but whats worse is that my net is at 2~7 kb/s now which made it harder to upload a screenshot.

I will upload a screenie as soon as I get the time. :)

Edit:I have finally uploaded the screenshot