Do Not Edit Teams After You Begin A Career


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I'm getting kinda tired of folks whining about this.

If you begin a career, do not edit any team that participates in the leagues or cups of that career or you will corrupt your files.

You've been warned.



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I made this mistake and as a result I cannot find the team I wish to play with in career mode. Is there anything I can do?


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Do not edit anything after a saved game.
Not only in career mode but also if you created a tournament.
The saved game is useless if you edit after saving.


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Perhaps i went a little over the top. But i am right, where the hell is the warning? Something as IMPORTANT as this should be displayed when you try to install the app. If i have missed it then it wasnt obvious enough.

I can gaurantee you have fux0red a LOT of peoples games because of this.


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As long as you don't touch the fifa.db you're fine, so since graphics like kits, balls, adboards and such go into the zdata.files you should be good.

However, DO NOT USE Creation Centre to import stuff once you started a career, since it rebuilds the files and saves also the .db ones, use kitraptor instead! Best thing to do is take regulary backups of your *.db files once you started a serious career or tournament, that way you are safe.


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the fifa.db is located inside c:\program files\EA Sports\Fifa 2005\data\cmn folder, the language db's are located in the cmn\fe folder, your languague db starts with the first three characters of your language : f.ex : spa.db for spanish, eng.db for english

Take a backup of these files before every modification or import you make if you have a career running, if the db got modified by something, when you want to resume your career, all players of your team will have dissapeared, then it's time to restore your last backup.


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I'm guessing that this won't get answered since the last reply was back in 2005....but here goes.

Is there anyway to edit the managers name in a saved career? As I'm try to change my career to my son as he saved over his one.

I have copied the career file & tried editing the name in that but then it won't load.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance