DKG - Dynamic kit generator


Youth Team
After months of work, here's the last alpha version of DKG!

A lot of improvements and additions were made, so I hope people like it and make the tool more popular. The tool gave a lot of work to be put into the current state, so I ask you to consider to subscribe to my Patreon page to support the tool's development.

Here's this version overview video:

Download via Patreon post
Direct download link

Have a great time with DKG!


Youth Team
will there be more teams in the future?
Yeah, but I need more support in order to keep going. 1 year of intense work to put the tool on the current state, yet, pretty much no support.

I have a lot of plans for it, including more teams, kit suppliers, patterns and even different kit types like referees and track suits. But like I said, the tool will have a future only if the community support my work...