DKG - Dynamic kit generator


Youth Team
Hello, I've been creating a tool called DKG, my plan is to enable people to create kits automatically and easily as possible. A thread in the Fifa 22 sub forum was created months ago, but now I decided to create dedicated threads on each compatible game sub-forums, so here's a overview on the v0.2:

I'm almost sure that the textures generated by DKG are compatible with Fifa 18 (probably Fifa 17 too), but if you notice any problems I ask you to reach me on PM or Twitter, cause I don't have this game edition to run proper tests on my machine.

If you enjoy this tool please consider become my patron (you can use the second link below or the link below my signature banner to reach my page). This way I can keep devoting time and effort to complete DKG. Also, if I gather enough support, the tool will remain available to everyone. On the other hand, If not enough people support me in the near future I'll limit the access for those who do so.

Hope you enjoy your time with DKG!

Current release:

Direct link of v0.2
Patreon link of v0.2


Youth Team
It's me again, just passing by to invite people to my newly created Discord server. It's a good way to follow my progress closely and to support my work, even if you don't become a patron...

If you want to join, take a look at this post.