Djgperu's Minikit thread


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great are the only guy making these minis as far as i know please continue dude 'cos we all need them................ :ewan:


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evilbert1987 said:
can you also make a 3rd minikit for bvb -> yellow jersey + yellow shorts?
You mean the Home jersey with the Away shorts?
Sure :fool:

Tevez- thnx for the comments man
Pete- Sure i will continue to make minis :rockman:

Sundsvall- i will try to make that kit as soon as i create an Adidas template for those kits, So far im makin all new Nike designed Minikits :)
so i will do it when i create the template

cheers, :)


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New Juve Away Minikit:

Although it is not official yet, i am releasing it but will make some changes when it is officially released by Juventus. :fool:


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no, I dont make kits, a guy from my website does them, so when Juventus releases their new kits, we will finish up the Juventus Kits Pack with new Kits and minikits :fool:


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Alex 10 said:
djgperu1 - great mini kits but...on Juve there suppos to be a scudetto, under the stars :)
Dont worry they havent released the kit yet, so i will make some changes :rockman:
Also i dont noe if the shorts are right


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Well i being releasing all this new Nike designed minikits in a complete Kit Pack for each Team.
Inside each Kit Pack you will find a .BIG file and a README...
With that .BIG file you will only need to drop it in the Fifa folder and it will appear in your game inmediately. B)
BTW Complete packs can be found at Fifa Chillspot

But if you wanna install my other minikits...
send me your e-mail and i will email you the Program B)