Discovery : Creating Faces With Internal Editor And Assign Them To Players


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Hi guys. I was wondering if we could use the internal editor to create a face and then assing it to a player as we did with other faces ... and it´s possible :)

I´ve managed to make the game read an external texture for the In Game Editor.

Check it out. Using Ibisivic texture made by VadioS

So then you can work on that face. For instance moving eyes up or down, changing mouth height, changing nose style, etc, etc.

Check how I can bend nose right or left.

Or for instance change eyes height and shape.

Then reading from ram I can get the face and with small program I convert it to a normal face to be assigned to any player. In fact you will be also able to edit with Blender so modders will be able to give the face the final details.

I´m asking if you find this of interest. Take into account that you will always start working over the same model ( I mean you can´t get any face and change it into editor ) You will always start working on the same template.

Let me know if you think this will be useful for you and I´ll make a tutorial and a small program to covert faces.

Regards :innocent_smile_1:


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Long ago I asked if I could export an edited face in game(create a player)when we hadn't yet Jor exporter in Fifa 12.

I think that edit ingame in the best way to edit faces because the edited faces in Blender several times don't look with the same form in game, so I think that its a great idea. The Hairs now will suit perfectly

So I need know more I had a lot of questions:

Will be able export the hair as too? with texture? Perfect generics hairs will be possible?(with out brightness issues)
Can you put more pics to explain?
When you release the Tool?

I dream with this Amazing Modding Tool (H)


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You are saying that you can change ingame the face and then save it as a normal RX3 to change it in blender and assign the 3D model to a specific player?

WOW !!! This is fantastic, similar to the FACEGEN sistem, but in the game and with better final result


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I remember back in the days of PES2008 I would untick 'has special face', add some beard in the ingame face editor, then press 'has special face' again and the results were sweet - no need to update the textures every time players play unshaved for a long time :)


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moddingway;3333215 said:
Let me know if you think this will be useful for you and I´ll make a tutorial and a small program to covert faces.
Moddingway, what's going on with this? I'd be very interested in knowing how to do this, and in having a program/tools to do so. Thanks bro.


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Great idea, great work can only be done by great people. I'm strongly supports for this could be realized. I'm extremely impatient to see where each gamers can create their own updates. The fantastic work of the FIFA Community.


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So, are you going to release the tutorial?
That can be a great solution for those who don't know how to use 3D editors.


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bangus;3349128 said:
Still no reply to the people who took the time to comment or to PM you, even though you've visited this forum several times since. Nothing irks me more than attention seekers and wannabe forum heroes who start their own thread to proclaim some great editing discovery, but who never back up their claims with any actual proof. Seriously man, if I was a mod here, you'd receive a warning for starting a thread about some supposed discovery and then disappearing. And this thread would be locked until you upload something proving that which you claim. So go ahead now: prove it to us, I challenge you.

I think you are overreacting. Researching in FIFA files takes more time than you think.

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bangus;3349237 said:
No. The guy posts this a month ago, then doesn't even bother responding to the people who replied to his thread. He's been back to this forum several times over the last three weeks. He was apparently fabricating the whole thing. Hey I can start a thread and post screens of the faces I create in-game as well, just like him. Proves nothing.

Relax, why are you so bothered, did the day went wrong to you?


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Sorry guys for the delay. First I was having not much time during the last weeks and I was with some health problems. Im about to finish a tool that will allow you to conver this faces. Anyway you will also need some knowdledge about ram read with hexaeditors like winhex. As soon as possible I´ll post a tutorial and the small application to convert faces.