Different way using scoreboards


there are two files... BOOTFLOWOUTRO.vp8 and FIFA_ATTR.vp8 (the latter is the one that goes automatically if you wait to press start ..

of course your videos must be converted in vp8 format... easy to do with CG File Expl

But if you want the movies instead of the skill games while match is loading you need also tho change the file in data/ui/nav folder... now I don't have pc with me so I can't tell you more..
Also could you possibly share your .bat files when you're able to please? This would be a huge help. Technically, could the same be done for player appearances? For example, players like Pogba or Neymar who change their appearances often. So if you want a specific look for that particular match, you simply run the .bat file for that appearance file set, am I seeing this the right way? Could regeneration be worked into a .bat file also:confused2:?? This would be exactly what this game needs, more innovation/automation when it comes to mods.


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Regeneration can be easily added in every batch file.. having a regen.exe that does it.. and in background for the same authors of CG File explorer..

You can completely change every file or folder and then regenerate and do what you want...
For example in my batch files I do this.. just with one click
Swap settings folder in documents..
Swap specific cl.ini
Swap all the data folder and the dlc folder and also audio data folder.
After I exit the settings folder in my tournament patch folder is substituted by the updated one.. so I can retrieve my preference and tournaments specific for that patch..

But unfortunately I cannot send you anything for you weeks because I have no pc with me.. I am traveling...

I could do items of July or August.. sorry..

But everybody can try to create it.. it is very easy.. you have to use the command robocopy that makes without asking prompt a full substitution of folders. And start regen.exe (you need to download it and put it in FIFA 16 folder ) and start the game itself..

I will help who wants . but as I said not now


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It is all very easy..

Take you MP4 or other format movie.. and convert it in VP8.. using CG File Explorer.. the button with smiling face is for video.. name it bootflowoutro.vp8 and save it somewhere.. (not directly on the final folder)..

Copy the file and rename it FIFA_ATTR.vp8

Open FIFA16/data/movies and move the two default files from the folder to some back up place of your choice..

Move or copy the two movies you created in the /data/movies folder

Last step..( I can't send files now).. you need to copy the content of nav folder (you need only one file indeed.. that you have with CGFile Server...This last step is to have video instead of training skills when match is loading if you want it..

Ai am sorry I can't be more helpful now.. but as I said I am traveling and I left PC and FIFA 16 for few weeks..


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About the .bat file I remember now that I have the back up hard disk with me . If I can open the files.. with my Mac.. (maybe changing them in txt..) I can prepare a .bat file with detailed explanations about how to do the automatic swap..

But I can't promise to do it fast because I am in a trip in South East Asia..