Different Kind of Kit Request! Please read


Reserve Team
Hi Guys,
Ive been away for almost half a year - I guess I lost interest in the FIFA series itself. My passion for kit design however is the same but unfortunately have forgotten even the basics of kit designing - where I was able to use and manipulate other peoples design for my personal use, I cannot even do that any more.

Therefore I have come to you guys for some help. I am doing an A level (like college) design project on football shirts as part of my graphics design course.
I have decided to create my own sports brand and kit set for Liverpool Football Club, the team I love and support. I will start of with designs on paper but the final set of kits will be made on computer. I can do everything up to here but it is after this stage that I need your help! -

I want to do a promotional video as part of my advertising campaign for the kits and the only way I can think of is too make the kits for FIFA 09 and simply record the game play and then edit it using windows movie maker.

I would however like someone to make those kits in the Fifa 09 format for me!
I don't start on the project until 10th June and wont have the final designs ready until the 20th AT LEAST. But I would like to have someone ready to do me a great favour by making them. I will of course fully credit you - whoever you are :) - for this.

Please let me know if anyone can do these.

Thanks a lot for your time guys. Looking forward to responses