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    Hey there!

    In this thread, I’d like to share my CMPs for the new season (missing teams)

    I’m focussing on realistic players‘ stats according to EA’s rating system.

    Please mind that I don’t watch the teams‘ games, I just want to create them to have a realistic career mode and Kick-Off.

    To those people who follow the teams I would like you to correct my stats and I will update those CMPs sometimes (for example if somebody deserves more pace, or if I gave 2* weak foot to an ambidextrous player)

    I already took much time to do and I will do so in the future, depending on how much time I have. You can give me wishes for your teams, but please respect that I can’t mind all of you.

    Have fun! I hope you’ll like it.

    What I’m focussing on:

    - realistic players‘ stats (balanced stats, weakfoot/skill moves, potential)

    - loanees

    - contract length

    - some minifaces

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