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Hello! :D

Maybe you remember me, maybe not, that's not important. The important thing is that I'm back here, and well, since I'm here I'll try to have a story. The reasons are two:

1.- Have fun playing and writing, the last one helps me a lot while playing.

2.- Share this with us and try to stay here more than once a week. This is a great forum and I'm kinda missing it :$

So well, that was the great deal.

About the game, Do not except so many things, just a good read. Maybe I'll be slow at the start, I haven't finished editing my DB (I'm argentinian, argentinian DB isn't sh¡t, it's worse, it's a random sh¡t plus "we don't care about Interior 'cause Buenos Aires is the capital city" :nape: ), and I expect to finish it before Monday. I'm not at my house, though I'm using my PC, and that's because I'm in Summer and in Summer I go to my parents' place, not because of they, but because I'm 100km from my friends almost all the year and I want to spend time with my mates.

Lastly, next week I'll be out of the Internet because I have many things to do here and at MY house, like paying bills, getting the university schedule, and an unfinishing list of things all related to that university :P

Well, here I'll try to write as a real manager about my career. First of all:

Game: Football Manager 2006 (It reached me 2 weeks ago :$)
Version: 6.0.2 72973
Database: NIDObase (BETA)* / Huge
Selected Leagues: England (Conference North/South and Above), Northern Ireland (Second Division and Above), Ireland (First Division and Above), Scotland (Third Division and Above), Wales (Premier League Only)
Starting Date: Sunday 10th July 2005

*I had only modified the Argentinian Leagues.

And second of all:


What's a F.A.Q.?

Die :fool:

I will recommend you a pair of player, look for...

Stop right there! I'll not accept any recommendation for player, neither for staff. If I have scouts on my game, it's for something.

At least let me give you some tactical advise ¬¬

That's OK, but I don't like any instructions to be given, that's the soul of the tactic and if you give me that, it'll be like a player recommendantion. Just a "that 4-4-2 is weak, try 4-3-3" would be ok, maybe if you see "attacking 4-3-3 or "defensive 5-4-1" would be ok, but nothing more than that.

Did you start as an unemployed manager?

Nope. Though that would be very realistic, and I love to start stories as an unemployed manager (you could see this one and I'll start other at that place starting on... I don't know.) but this time, since England have a bunch of clubs, I'll start at a Conference South Club because I don't want a League Two, or whatever, offering me a job.

Will you buy [Insert FM Legend Name here]?

First of all, if it's young it must be recommended by a scout, if they doesn't recommend me anyone, well, a pity. Second, it must have some reputation IN THE GAME to be known, I'll not contract some "unknown" player only because it's a FM Legend.

At last, I know very few FM Legends for 2005, and no one that had appeared on 2006, so please, don't tell me if I contract a legend because I want to discover my game by myself.

Will you use some rules?

One: If I don't have at least 3 points of the last 15, I must resign.

Then I'll only work as hard as possible to move to a Premiership club soon.

Well, and I thinks that's all for now.

Now I'll start to explore my team, and that. You'll have a good inform of them in the next post, if I decide to put it all in only one post.

See you soon!


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Chapter 1: Derek Wolf

Hello and welcome to my blogsite.

My name's Derek Wolf, a manager who was looking for a club since his graduation, some months ago. The reason I'm opening this space is simple, someone offered me a job, I accepted, and now my professional will start, and the best thing I can do it's to share this with the people I won't be able to see through Internet, plus some random idiot that will pass here.

I'll introduce myself in case you're one of those randoms with my, not so beautiful, manager license.

Well, now to the business.

I was contracted by Lewes, English team from the Conference South. When I receive the job offer, I thought a lot, because Lewes it's on one of the southest part of England, while I'm from Nottingham, at the center of the country.

As you may think, the decision was very difficult because in one hand, I had the, maybe, only opportunity to start working, and in the other, Nottingham it's the city where I have my friends, my family, and my favourite team. But well, a job it's a job, and I decided to leave and earn my own money working and not pretending to doing so.

I signed a €575 per month deal with the club president, and now I'm anxious to go tomorrow to The Dripping Pan, our stadium. I want to meet my players and my staff, and see what can we do in this Conference South.

Last season Lewes ended fourth, but the manager surpringsisly resigned, the reason was that many players were sold to other clubs, so, he had a extremely short team. That short team now is mine...


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Chapter 2: Meeting People

Hi out there.

Well, I'll be a bit cold today but I think it's the best option I have, 'cause I have to talk about my staff and players.

Let's start by the staff. For more detailed info, please, click on his photo.

Stuart Cash

The Assistant Manager. Stuart joined The Rooks at the start of the 05/06 season. He spent seven years at Aldershot with a brief spell as manager at St. Albans. A defender in his playing career, Stuart was in Wycombe's FA Trophy winning side of 1991 whilst on loan from Nottingham Forest. He also played at Rotherham, Chesterfield and Brentford. About his manager skills, he's not so bad not so good. He has more experience than me at this and I hope he's not too angry at me for not being hired as manager ^^U

No Picture
Mark Vaughan

The Physio. Mark is working here since 1996, but in my opinion, I'm surprised he managed to spent so many years in the club working. I find his level somewhat low, but well, I think we can be with him for all the season, and depending what will happen to Lewes, see if he can continue or not.

No Picture
Stephen Hart

The Scout. Working here since 1999, Hart had found some good players for this club like Mark Coulson, our hottest prospect. Somewhat regular, he'll continue.

General View: We need staff, 2 coachs, 1 physio and 1 scout will be hired. We placed advices on the Job Centre.

Now, I'll show all the players of the team, man by man.

Paul Wilkerson
(GK / 30 years old / English / valued at €9k)

Great keeper with no real weakness if we considered not to force him to do long kicks while distributing. Has a lot of experience, 181 league games, having played at Watford, Welling, Hayes, Stevenage and Gravesend.

Leon Legge
(SW, D C / 20 years old / English / valued at €1k)

His aerial ability it's too low for a sweeper or a central defender, but at least he's young and could make a progress if it's well trained. It has no experience on league games and it's a product of our club, so, a loan could mave wonders of him if we get a long squad, for now, he'll be part of the rotation.

Max Hustwick
(D RC / 23 years old / English / valued at -)

Somewhat better than Legge to play as central defender, but not too young to progress. What worries me is that at his age he's no professional experience even when he was part of Kingstonian for three seasons. He'll start as one of the two first team central defenders.

No Picture
Sean Hankin
(D LC / 23 years old / English / valued at €5k)

Maybe our best central defender, though I'm not that happy about that. Sean has a good amount of professional league games for his age (101 games and 2 goals) having played for Crystal Palace, Torquay (who bought him for €30k), Margate, Northwich and Crawley.

No Picture
Steve Robinson
(D C / 18 years old / English / valued at -)

He was part of Grays at 2001/02 season, that's at his 14 years old. A surprising data, but nothing more. He's quite bad and is shouting for a loan-spell to another club, or at least to a good training schedule to improve their skills. He's very young, I have some coins betted on him, so he'll stay, but he'll rather play.

Jay Lovett
(D/WB R / 27 years old / English / valued at €10K)

Decent right back with very few matches on his back (53 games, 1 goal). Brentford pay €100k for him to Crawley, and played 25 games on that season (2000/01), then his career got darker bit by bit, going on loan spell to Gravesend and Brentford, and then signing as a free transfer to Aldershot and Farnborough. First team member.

Dean Hooper
D/WB L / 34 years old / English / valued at -)

Another decent left back, with only 150 games (and 2 goals) on his career when he's 34. He'd played with Swindon, Peterborough, Aldershot and Saint Albans. First team member.

No Picture
Mark Coulson
D/M L / 19 years old / English / valued at -)

The hottest promise according to Cash's report, and I think he's very right, because all his skills are medium, and at 19, the progression could be possible. He comes from Peterborough where he played 7 games. It'll start as a first team member as a M L, though, we will sign some player for that position.

Paul Kennett
DM / 26 years old / English / valued at -)

Fails in some importants skills to be a DM, so, he's most likely out of here unless I can't sign a single DM, because, he's the only one at the team. Ex-player of Worthing and Brighton.

Karl Beckford
M C / 20 years old / English / valued at €2k)

Young, will be trained as an AM C, though, I don't see many future in him. It's the only one that can play as a AM C, or M C in his case, so it's a first team member until someone comes. He comes from Charlton after the Premiership club released him on a free.

Mo Harkin
AM R / 25 years old / Northern Irish (9 U21 caps - 2 goals) / valued at €5k)

A very good right winger, surely First Team member even if I sign someone for the right side of the field. 175 games + 16 goals says he has experience, and his international U21 appearences says he might be able to stay with us if we get promoted. He played before for Wycombe, Carlisle, Nuneaton, Aldershot, Crawley and Forest Green.

[Continues in next post]


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[continues from the previous post]

Kirk Watts
AM RL / 26 years old / English / valued at -)

Speedy, but nothing more. A fairly good winger that will be rotation until some signings comes, if any. Kirk played for Bromley, Ashford Town and Gravesend.

Jean-Michele Sigere
ST / 28 years old / French (1 U21 cap) / valued at €9k)

Fairly good, with a good height and speed. I Hope he can improve a little. He played for many clubs (Quimper, Bordeaux, Rushden, Stevenage, Margate, Heybridge, Gravesend and Hornchurch) scoring 34 goals in 134 games, not so good for a striker, but let's see what Sigere can do in Lewes. He'll start as a First Team member.

No Picture
Gavin Holligan
ST / 25 years old / English / valued at €24k)

Our most valued player, a lad made for counter-attacks, with very good speed, good stamina and decents finishings and dribblings. Although he played for many clubs, including West Ham, Kingstonian, Leyton Orient, Exeter, Wycombe, Crawley, Hornchurch, Havant & Waterloovine and Wycome, he had only played 48 games, scoring 8 goals. He'll be the first backup.

No Picture
Owen Price
ST / 18 years old / English / valued at €9k)

Released by Tottenham, this explosive striker is the best we have at attack, or at least I feel this.

And that's all. Yes, only 15 players and 3 technical staff, we sure need some signings and that.

Talking about the training, knowing I'll only have 2 coaches plus my assistant, will be 3 trainings, 1 for GK, 1 for defensive players (any defender and any DM) and 1 for offensive player (midfielders and forwards) I hope many people will come with the advices, because with no third coach I 'll have to continue with the customs Keeper and Outfield.

About the squad we need many reinforcements:

TOP PRIORITY (If one player could play in two positions I'll be very pleased)

1 GK
1 Right Back
1 Left Back
1 DM
1 Striker
1 AM C
1 Right or Left Midfielder


1 or 2 Central Defenders
1 DM (another apart from the above)
1 AM C (another apart from the above)
1 Right or Left Midfielder (another apart from the above)

Well, a lot of work we must do with no money at all. I have €0 for transfers + 40% of sold players. That seems very logical when I have a balance of only €8k and my salary budget it's at €13,000 per month (I'm using only €7k, so, I have many space)

The club sure is at a very bad economical situation, and we must fix this as far a possible. I'm viewing with Cash the list of loanable and transfer listed players, and at the same time I sent Hart to explore all UK & Ireland in search of free players.

Well, the work has oficially started, on next update I'll post our pre-season results plus our signings, if any :(


New Rule: I can't have more staff than NOBODY in the level I play, unless the club that has more staff signs me or the club with more staff releases one or two.

At this time the ones that has most staff are Eastbourne Borough and Farnborough with 7.

Note: If I sign or use Grey players I'll refer to them as "futsal team members"


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Hope your game doesn't go corrupt like my Atletico Madrid game, which was why I had to stop that story. I might start a new one some day though...

Good luck (Y)


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Socrates said:
Great job on getting this started (Y) i like the story and all the pictures you got. Good luck.

Thanks a lot, I hope I could manage some big team in some years :)

Parra Power said:
ive tried to do so many of these... fact is they die for me :(

good luck with your story... looks good (Y)

FM2005 had too many problems with "ruined games" because of bad savings and such, so I have to create backups of my game very often since then.

Zlatan said:
Hope your game doesn't go corrupt like my Atletico Madrid game, which was why I had to stop that story. I might start a new one some day though...

Good luck (Y)

Hope I can do my backups often, so, if my game go corrupt, I can restart from one point.

Thanks for the luck and here we are waiting a Zlatan's one ;)

Well, I expect to post a new update before Thursday, on that day I have to travel for the reasons shown above. Also I hope I could finish quickly my Argentinian DB, because It's taking so much time from me.


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I had some virus problem at the PC plus my time was shortened a bit, but I'll back in some days, maybe next week. I downloaded 6.0.3 without DB and I'll have to restart this game, but well, since I only show the squad, I've little things to modify.

Sorry for being slow ^^U