dcplayernames and playernames limit for fifa15?


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I search a person who is familiar with dcplayernames and playernames limit in fifa15.
There are some expand buttons in creation master15 and dbmaster but from my experience it seems it doesn't work for playernames. Also manual editing of fifa-ng-db-meta.xml doesn't work. For example after expanding database I have entry in xml:

<table name="playernames" shortname="BGwe">
      <field name="nameid" shortname="FuiB" type="DBOFIELDTYPE_INTEGER" depth="16" null="False" rangehigh="65535" rangelow="0" key="True" />
but still you can assign only players with ids 0-32766 (15bits) to playernames.txt not more as above declared in order being able to start manager career in game.
I also manually edited xml with such settings:

<table name="playernames" shortname="BGwe">
      <field name="nameid" shortname="FuiB" type="DBOFIELDTYPE_INTEGER" depth="15" null="False" rangehigh="32766" rangelow="0" key="True" />
<table name="dcplayernames" shortname="bneD" maxupdate="-1" maxinsert="8191" maxdelete="8191" savegroups="squads">
      <field name="nameid" shortname="FuiB" type="DBOFIELDTYPE_INTEGER" depth="13" null="False" rangehigh="40958" rangelow="32767" key="True" />
hoping I can have 32766 lines in playernames.txt and about 8k lines inside dcplayernames but but still cannot set too much lines inside dcplayernames (I am still testing how much I can). Now I know starting/simulating career worked with 300 lines, not worked with 2200 lines.
This reverse engineering is very time consuming, you have to each time prepare database, try to start career, simulate in order to check if it works or not. Maybe on the hell there is some guy who deal with this problem and can say more about playernames, dcplayernames limits for fifa15. At least I found in google itneresting discussion that it is all about bug in dbmaster.

This post is from 2013,9 years ago!!! And problem is still active!!! Maybe someone have dbmaster C++ source code or contact to the author of this tool so I will try to check if there is really some bug inside this tool as suspisious in 2013.
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