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Originally posted by fiordy
Ok Hercules, experiment succeded! If you put 7 players with 32 they'll become straight substitutes!!
Then I noticed that the game, if there are only 5 players with 32 (or less), picks up players with 36 (not with 33!) to make 'em substitutes. Strange, isn't it?

Well so now you can implement your changes to your great tool!

Thanx and bye! ;)

Thanks for the information. I will add that to the editor in time for the next version.


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do you know why 3 of my players have the number -1 in all modes except play now, when their real numbers show in dbedit??


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I have a problem adding faces. I added one fine, then after I add more the game crashes. Am I doing it wrong? First I add the files using BigGui then I compress them. Then I fun Fatgui. After one face it works, but then I add another face and it crashes.


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If you want to add faces to zdata04.big stop using Bigguy, it's too buggy.
Here's what you have to do:

1) Compress the 3 file for a face with gfxpak (a little dos prog, easy to use)
2) Import the compressed files in zdata04.big with EA Graphics Editor (I use v 1.04b)
3) Run Fatguy
4) Set the correct face number for the player using DBEdit++

If you do so, no more problems at all! :D



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Originally posted by nor-rbk
I've just added my team to euro, but there is a problem with the flags on the pop-ups and on the screen when the flag crosses the screen. It seems that the flags get automaticly swapped.

Do you know what I can do to change it?

Here is an example

I know you are busy for this kind of things, but I would like to express the same problem as nor-rbk. Team logos became swapped after the installation of a brand new team (in my case I added a completely new logo). I can't understand the cause...

Please lemme know when you have time!

Thnx so much! :D


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Hi I've got another little question to pose you: why can't we add a new team with a rank number bigger than 51? I noticed that adding a new team with your editor will give it a rank number equal to 51.
Thanx and bye ;)


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How do i import the hungary transition flags into the game, is it possible via DBEdit?


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hey, do you know if it is possible to add third kits in euro, dbedit says it adds it to the database.... do you know if it works ingame??