DBEdit++ v3.1 database editor for EURO 2004 @ www.fifaecp.com

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Do you have any idea when v.2 will be released?
Just wondering because of the numbers.

Again: Amazing tool(H)
Within the week, I hope. It would be a v3 ;)

since Version 1 is considered to be DBEdit for FIFA 2004.

and oh yea, best team in the screenshot (H)


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I've just added my team to euro, but there is a problem with the flags on the pop-ups and on the screen when the flag crosses the screen. It seems that the flags get automaticly swapped.

Do you know what I can do to change it?

Here is an example
when i give some player a new FACE ID and insert the files to the zdata_04
and then commres them using the BIgGui but then
it have a red and green texture in the game !:(
can ya help me guyz
ya i have the same problem as makat, but i imported using impbig, then run fatgui, i go ingame and he has missing texture all over him exept for his hair...

here is a screenshot

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i try the fatgui but nuttin change !!
still the same probelm plz Hercules
find to us any slove for this problem:(
You most probably has corrupted your bigs. Restore the original ones from the CD.
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What will be in new version of editor??
Are you illiterate?

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Can we import faces to Euro2004 in editor?? And will be there function to preview faces like in CC2004??
In a much later version. A later version than the one about to be released.


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Ok Hercules, experiment succeded! If you put 7 players with 32 they'll become straight substitutes!!
Then I noticed that the game, if there are only 5 players with 32 (or less), picks up players with 36 (not with 33!) to make 'em substitutes. Strange, isn't it?

Well so now you can implement your changes to your great tool!

Thanx and bye! ;)