DB update patch V4


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Hey :ewan: ,
I made a patch that will update your game :)
DB Update Patch V4
What's in it?

-Juventus- Serie B
-06/07 leagues (France,Israel,Germany,Spain and England) updated.
-Managers updated.
-And of corse, Transfers all over the world
(Over 150 transfers)

The patch built for version 6.0.2 Update 72937
So maybe it won't work great on other version.

Backup your DB folder
Football manager 2006- data - db
Before you install the patch! Very important!

The Rar comes with video tourtial how to install it, but anyway:

Backup your DB Folder.
Now extract the files from the RAR (except Howtoinstall.avi) to a new folder.
Open your DB folder (FM2006-Data-DB) and copy the files from the new folder. Paste them in DB folder (FM2006-Data-DB) and when the screen
appers say 'Yes to all'.
That it,Enjoy! :)
Sorry for my English..
(working now)
http://www.sendspace.com/file/owfd2d - Part 1
http://www.sendspace.com/file/6sa9mo - Part 2
Enjoy! :rockman:
I have to change a lot of things for my next version , cuse pepole don't
really like it :nape: ... still uploading if someone want to try...
If you are trying it, please tell me what can i do better..
And don't forget to backup your DB folder.


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Oh thanks I might try it except I'm having so much fun with the game I'm on already. Good work though :rockman:

Edit: Link doesn't work - file not found


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Nice one - just about to crank up Football Manager as the new season starts.

Rabidshare sucks to be honest. Any chance you could upload to a decent file hosting server - this one is best for speeds and reliability - http://www.yousendit.com/


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if someone can download this and let me know what its like, ill put it in the downloads thread.

Not putting it in there solely on the basis of one guy, no offence bud.


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Can I just ask why Roy Keane is still at Man Utd? :( Zaragoza should also have Pique I believe. :p Vieri is still at AC Milan.