Daves v1.1 Training Schedule


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new problem

my players keep gettin injured

whats up with that? I'm using the 1.1 version, the first post in the thread

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Dave's schedule never works for me, my players always have red arrows in the training screen as well as the attributes, however I've been using it for 3 seasons coz I can't be assed changing it :crazyboy: :D

OK, one thing that always baffles me.

Should the GK training be corresponding to the outfield players? If I put Set Pieces defensive for example, should outfield players train it at the same time as GKs? Otherwise, who do the GK's train with if lets say the outfield players are in the weightroom at that time? :crazyboy:

Also, I have all my outfield players on the same schedule... if I make a seperate one for Defenders and for Forwards, how are my defenders gonna train overloading without forwards? :|

Can someone clear those up for me.

Oh yeah, and Physios are very important. One time my physios left coz theyre contracts ended, I didn't notice. And I kept getting at least 3 training injuries per week, after a few weeks it hit me maybe I should check if my physios are still here :D My first team training schedule had no physios :p


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I'm not sure either, but I've always synchronized the schedules. When the attackers and midfielders are on overloading attack, I put the defenders on overloading defense.

The GK could train free kicks with the coaches, but I also synch that with my outfield players.


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rpvankasteren;2691560 said:
Oh, I'm really sorry my statement dated 5 years ago doesn't hold up anymore.
Forgive I did not wish you to offend but very much it would be desirable to receive good help!!! I have written on mail personally most Dave but while he and has not responded me(((