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Well, after a while with TCM I have reinstalled CM and patched it to 4.1.5, and installed an update for transfers. I decided to play as Cambridge United in Division 3. Facts about them:
- Start off in debt (not by much, only £100K)
- Stadium Capacity: 8993
- Transfer Funds: £0 :confused:
- Wage Budget: £11,750/week, currently £13,750
- Board Goal: Finish in top half of the table
- Supporters Goal: Finish with a respectable position
- My Goal: Promotion!

First thing I did was make the squad smaller. I offloaded 11 fringe and youth players (with no future) for a total income of £100K. The club also had some crappy load players so they were sent back to their clubs. The only signing I have made so far is Bòrarinn Brynjar Kristjànsson on a free, he is 22 years old, a striker and has excellent physical stats in addition to good strikers stats. (notably 18 heading, long shots, 17 jumping etc.) I also bought in Sean Cooney (Coventry, 19, DM), Andre Hanssen (Bodo/Glimt, 22, LM) and John Sutton (Milwall, 19, SC) on loan to give better options.

I already have some good players, for instance Shaun Marshall (GK), Stevland Angus (DR), Daniel Chillingworth (SC), John Turner (SC) and I have adapted my formation to a basic 4-4-2 diamond formation.

Results so far:
vs Bath City, w 4-0
vs Cambridge City, w 2-1

vs Bristol Rovers, w 3-1
vs Swansea, w 3-0
vs Bury, w 2-1
vs Mansfield, w 3-1
vs Leyton Orient, w 1-0
vs Hull, d 1-1
vs Yeovil, w 2-1
vs Oxford, w 2-1
vs Carlisle, w 2-1
vs Scunthorpe, w 4-0
vs Huddersfield, w 1-0
vs Boston United, w 2-1

1st round vs Doncaster, w 2-0
2nd round vs Bradford City, w 4-2 extra time
3rd round vs Blackburn, not played

1st Round vs Hereford, not played

FA Cup:
1st Round vs ?, not drawn

I'll keep y'all up to date if you want (if not tell me to naff off) and I hope to bring Cambridge to a top position in the league. (shouldn't be too hard given our run of form)

Wish us luck & please recommend any signings, given I have around £20K from transfers!


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Nah, this is a good place for these game-threads. Maybe they could all be moved here... Everyone pm me their suggestions. :)

(btw, Dave, I edited your post to show the name of that team correctly :p)


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Why, what did I put? :confused:

Here is Kristjànsson, got him on a free:

BTW he prefers the cups to the league, look at the goals:
(but he does play in an AMC position, not a striker)


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Recent results:

round 1 vs Hereford, w 2-2 (5-4 pens)
round 2 vs Colchester, w 4-1

vs Kidderminster, l 2-0 :(
vs Northampton, w 3-0 :D
vs Macclesfield, w 1-0

round 1 vs Hitchin, w 3-0

Here is a great player I have on loan but I need to raise £250K by the end of the year to buy him permanantly. (current 110/potential 175 on mine!)

BTW Look at the bottom, the reserves always get nailed as I have no players in the reserves! (except for the crappy generated ones)


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Shock of the season.

Arsenals' fault for not taking us seriously I suppose! (FA Cup 4th round)

We also drew 1-1 with Villa in the first leg of the league cup semi-final. (they had 2 goals disallowed)

Marshall is absolutely amazing in cup games, wo nus loads of games! (H)

It is helping the bank balance a lot, we now have £1M in the bank. I am thinking of requesting some money to be released for transfer funds.


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Followed this up with a semi-finals win over Villa in the league cup.

I have Bristol City (1st in Div2) in the final - perhaps a bit of silverware already?

BTW My reward for beating Arsenal is Manchester United in the FA Cup. At least it is at Old Trafford! (lots of cash for me - in the month where i played vs Villa / Arse in the cups, I played in their stadiums and my ticket income for the month was £1.5M)

My Bank account is now looking healthy - £2M in the bank now! Only problem is that no-one wants to come to a division 3 club. Division 2 though, anybody? :mrpimp:


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How the season went:

Best result: 8-0 thumping of Mansfield, 2-1 win over Arse
Worst Result: Losing 2-1 in the league cup final after having beaten Aston Villa :(

I finished top of Div 3, and have £650K to "bravely fight against relegation." I am having real trouble getting people to join tho, whether it be on loan or permanantly.

IN ->
John Sutton, SC, 20, Loan - Milwall (got him back - p60 s41)
Sean Cooney, DM, 20, Loan - Coventry
Lenny Pidgely, GK, 19, Free transfer
Maybe Kieran Richardson, Malik Buari loans

OUT ->
John Taylor, Daniel Hammond, Justin Walker, Franco Nacca (end of contract/free transfer)


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Neither Kieran Richardson nor Malik Buari wanted to come to Cambridge :(

I have a real small squad at the moment, hope I can survive the season! I need midfielders, I am currently playing 3 strikers for ML, MR and AMC :confused:

EDIT: here are the players loaned in for the year:
Jon Ostemobor (D RC, loaned from Liverpool)
Sean Cooney (DM C, loaned from Coventry)
John Sutton (S C, loaned from Milwall)
Adam Young (AM RL, loaned from Watford)

And here are the players brought in:
Lenny Pidgely (GK, free) -> pot. 178
Zak Whitbread (D C, free) -> pot. 172

Good to see 2 Liverpool lads (or rather 1 Liverpool & 1 ex-liverpool) joining the ranks, and I still have all my transfer funds! I hope we get god cup runs, the two matches at Man Utd & Arsenal alone made us £2M in revenues :o