Daniel Maldini (H)!!!


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hahah thas awesome, he was the only kid who had the balls to even try tackling seedorf. the dudes gonna be something lol


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Milan will retire the #3 until the next Maldini gets it. I've read that the eldest son, Christian likes to play as a winger. So I guess Daniel will get the #3 if he ever turns pro.


haha :p no i was just referring to the tackle, i mean with that kind of bravery and timing he's probably going in the same direction as his father, but here we are dscussing the great defender he might turn out to be and we have no idea if he's the next Baggio :D


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LOL.....what a badass.

Kulixs;2344131 said:
I heard Milan signed Maldini's son awhile back, is there an older Maldini son ?

I think that they were both signed to an "embryo" contract a couple weeks after being conceived.

Why couldn't they just be broads, man? Now we have to contend with two potential legacies....let's hope the mother's side of the family is pathetically weak and waters 'em down significantly.



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Hes amazing but i see many promising kids that play football mybe not for a Milan. They have to stick at it to develop. I know a 13 year old kid that can do every football trick in the book but you cant tell if hes going to be a star as its way too early.