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Hi guys, I'm going to post some stadiums here, I've been editing fifa 16 for some time now and posting on my pages. but I will share here.

Parque Lotto, Bruxelas - Anderletch

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this is a fake stadium, this a copy recoloured of a PES generic stadium :D

No my friend. This stadium is not fake. Me and my friend PablinPK from WSP6 forums did this stadium for PES6. I edited a lot of textures for that one. This is not fake. We tried our best to implicate Lotto Park because the version existed dates back to f'n 2002 when FIFA 2003 was published. It was done by EA Sports for FIFA 2003. Here is the original link to it (my previous nickname was badgerbadger);

The Charleroi stadium is not fake also. For PES2020 it is hard to add standings instead of seats. That's why you see red seats there. I am into Belgian stadiums for a loooooong time, I even did a lot of stadiums (Mouscron, Leuven, Essevee, Oostende, Gent, Antwerp, Beerschot, Mechelen, Brugge remaster, St-Truiden remaster) and will create models for Union SG and Seraing, so I can safely say these stadiums are for real!

But there is another problem that disturbed me more than the appearance: This guy apparently has not consulted any of us to convert. Ask before converting, please.
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