CSTORE's Kits (Turkish Süper Lig Special)


Reserve Team
Surreal the pack. :rockman:
I also use the ModdingWay. It will be magnificent Süper Lig that perfection.
Congratulations for your work. The KITMAKERS other countries should do the same, so we would have all complete leagues.



Youth Team
I'll be away about a week for work and I want to give you the recent updates that I made:

-I talked with Mert Sevinç (ims12) and he'll send me the newest pack of Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray kits. He said that he fixed and updated some of kits, kitoverlays and lua assignments.

-I found an error on referee kits that causes showing white marks on the shorts. I fixed it.

-Halil Yüce (Halilyc) accepted my offer for me using his Süper Lig Ball in this pack.

-There won't be any minikits in the pack. Sorry. I don't have that much time. So, if you can make them or found all of them, share it in here and I'll try to put them in the pack.

That's all folks. My goal is finish this pack before the next ModdingWay Mod update.


Youth Team
Patch is ready.

-Full Kits (waiting Mert's update of Beşiktaş, Fenerbahçe & Galatasaray)
-Full Minikits
-Full Referee Kits
-Official Match Ball
-All Assignments
-All Fonts & Numbers

It'll be released in October 30th.


Youth Team
start88;3966133 said:
meybe...only ...minikit(png..please

Why? They already in the pack.

It has kits, minikits, referee kits, the ball, overlays. I did pretty much what EA did basically.

That's why I don't understand why are want these as png?


Youth Team

Not too soon but soon I'll release an update. I am and will be busy very long time but piece by piece I'm updating the set.

The update focused on these:
-All official kits of Süper Lig based on Federation's database...
I did all the player kits but I didn't make all GK kits. I'll add them.
Also some of the teams' kits are not that good in my standarts. I'll try to do them again or I'll add my friends' kits with a permission.
I'll make alternative combinations of the kits for the teams that have max. 3 kits.

-Sponsor updates & captain's armband update...
After the release some of the teams use new or changed sponsors. I'll add or update them.
And some of teams' armbands not seen in the game. I'll add them by kitoverlay.
-All kitnumber styles...
I forgot to add Trabzonspor's specific kitnumbers. I'll add them.
And organize the current number colors.
-Referee kits & Other referee kit combinations...
I updated the referee kits. Used a better pattern.
Also I'll make the Turkish Cup and Turkish Super Cup versions. Actually I did them by using kitoverlay but I think kitoverlays don't work with referee kits. So they gonna change too.
-Ziraat Turkish Cup OMB...
I asked Ron69 and he has most of its textures. If he does that I will add here too inşallah.
-TFF Turkish Super Cup OMB
It might be in the pack or not. We'll see.
-All minikits (includes GKs)...
You should noticed also they're quite bigger that usual. I can't find enough time to prepare them. I'll work on them and add GK miniktits too.
-Kit bumps...
This is gonna be main part of my work. I'll do them all and they'll work perfect I hope.
At first I can't understand how to use them but now I know better. I can be very usefull. With proper adjustments I can make better kits and whole lot alternatives.

This update is not gonna released in a week or a month. It will take some time. As I told it beginning I'm very busy and there's not enough time to work on them. But still it's better the previous pack of mine (FIFA 15). More content, more fun, better quality. If you find anything that not good please write it down. I probably can't answer all but I'll read and work on them.

By the way, Ariel from ModdingWay is gonna release the new update of MWMod. Probably he'll add my stuff into the pack. After he releases the pack, after I see which of them in the game and which are not I may make a revision.

That's all folks. Stay tuned.

Enjoy the game.