Cripek's mini kits thread


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I don't think I'll be making a lot of mini kits but anyway here is my first try at one. Well I have to give credits to joeyfg for that mini kit because I kinda reused the lines he used on last year Auxerre minis because I didn't think I could do better on my own.
Well tell me what u guys think about it
Auxerre 3rd 2005/2006


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Well there r no replies but here is the away. I am probably gonna make some updates but I'm too lazy to check all the details ;)
Comments plz

Cactus Jack

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Hi Cripek!
Your minis are great so could you please make me the new minis for Alemannia Aachen? Here are some pics:

the short is black

white short


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Imho minikit makers are not enough encouraged and gratified for their work because you guys do an excellent job, and we all need your kits in our menus. Excellent work and congrats to all minikitmakers everywhere, keep up the good work guys!

And specificaly for Cripek : very nice french minikits, you should work together with that other minikitmaker from french site Fifakulte (Cronaldo?) and make a french league minikit patch :) I bet tons of people will use that as your minis are very beautiful indeed!


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Yes you should make mini-kit ...
You are the welcome on FIFA Kulte ! :)
I make mini-kit for a patch on FIFA Kulte ...

with for exemple Nantes and Lyon (with djperu's template) :

I make more mini-kit, Strasbourg, Saint Etienne, Auxerre, Sochaux, Monaco ...


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Cripek....i've only just seen this thread mate....fantastic mini kits .....please keep making them as they are badly needed man and they look awesome.......... :ewan:

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Hello! Cripek, your minis are excellent except the EA's templates. Try to use better templates like Huz's or mine's. They will make your minis better! I am sure!
My temps:

P.S. Your new one with Djgperu's is better.