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I will occasionally pump out a kit or two of a team I am adding to my own fifa and that no one else has done. I don't claim to be an amazing kit maker, as I usually just stick to doing banners and adboards and logos and such. Do feel free to criticize me if you so desire though.

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CAF National Sides:

Benin - Home, Away - Page 1
Burkina Faso - Home, Away, GK1, GK2 - Page 2
Guinea - Home, Away - Page 1
Mali - Home, Away - Page 1
- GK1, GK2 - Page 2
Senegal - Home, Away, GK1, GK2 - Page 2
Togo - Home, Away, GK1, GK2 - Page 2


Youth Team
Thank you for the kind words, truly.

I made kits for Mali. Les Aigles were third place finishers for the second AFCoN in a row.

Mali Home:

Mali Away:



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Tremiki99;3403287 said:
Thank you for the kind words, truly.

I made kits for Mali. Les Aigles were third place finishers for the second AFCoN in a row.

Mali Home:

Mali Away:

The Stripes/Lines On The Kit Was GREAT !Keep It Up


i have to ask this but for your first kit did you happen to edit a kit made by new maker ?

i ask because the stitching looks a lot like his and your other kit templates all seem to be different.


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The Togo kit has stitching and mesh from Puma kits already made linear burning through. Ghana, Cameroon and Ivory Coast that follow that pattern have been made I think, so Togo (Algeria, Burkina, Gabon, S. Africa)will follow the same look. The airness two I am not totally happy with and literally no one has made that Airness type kit as far as I could tell, so sort of experimenting with textures and they both have different textures, the Guinea has the basic pattern of a "nike laser" made to be very generic and I think its the one I will go with for Mali too when I get around to updating it. Once I've had a chance to play through a few games with Mali and Guinea, I will probably like one or the other more and can update whichever I don't like easily. They're all saved as gazillion layers on my PS.

Today, I've made menu logos for some African National sides...




Côte d’Ivoire

Dem. Congo













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Proof983;3406035 said:
good logos but the kits are 800x800. Please can you change size in 1600x1600? If it's possible
Hm... something funny going on with my uploads. They are uploading smaller than I made them. (though I don't think I make them quite that large, I think i make them like 1024x1024). I will look into the uploads when I get a chance.

Thanks for the kind words guys, but I don't feel my kits are great. I just feel like they are just "par", i.e. good enough to use for stand-ins for kits that have not been made so that people can go ahead with creating missing national teams. I plan to do a lot more of the missing nations from CAF. I focused on CAF because its by far the part of the world neglected by EA, plus I just like African Football, personally. I don't make a lot of kits, because I spend a fair amount of time editing the database, and I am pretty OCD so I add missing players from previous editions of fifa etc.

People like Sundsvall make art, his new Sweden in-game is the benchmark for great kits.

BTW, I will make GK kits for Mali and Guinea eventually, I got some pics of the Airness GK kits, just trying to collect more before delving into a PS session.


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Finishing up the Airness national teams, with Benin.


Benin Away:

And here is their menu logo:

Now you can play with Stéphane Sessègnon and the rest of the Beninese national team nicknamed Les Écureuils (The Squirrels)..... if you so desired.

Also I figured out why the other kits were loading resized to smaller. Won't happen going forward and I have an update for Mali on the way and GK kits for all three of Benin, Mali, and Guinea.


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I updated the links for Mali and Guinea so if you had gotten those kits before when they were capped at 800x800 then i recommend saving the pngs again as they are now the full 1024x1024.

Here is a screeny for the Guinea home kit to give more of an idea how they might look in-game:

And I have started the GK kits for these three National sides. This is one for Mali:



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a second GK kit for Mali:



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Started into the African sides that wear Puma in earnest. Starting with Togo's full kit pack. The home and away from my first post were the last to suffer the image size upload issue so everything in this thread should be full resolution now.

Togo Home:

Togo Away:

Togo GK1:

Togo GK2: