Creation Centre Bugs & Errors: Post'em Here!!!


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CC04 was good but after doing months on updating on it theres always some type of error going on and so i stoped play fifa 04 so i got 05 which is awesome and cant wait for the CC


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Hey there. Bit of a problem with the editor. I want to change some of the appearances of some of my players - nothing major, just a few hairstyle/colour changes here and there, as a lot of the defaults are just plain wrong. But whatever I do, it tells me to "select a valid Specific Face ID". How the hell do I do this? I don't even want to change the face, I just want to change the hair. But it's asking me for an ID. The box that it appears to be trying to make me put the ID into, though, is a box that accepts a filename. What file? What can I do? Help!

EDIT : Never mind. It is actually changing the player hairstyles, even though that annoying dialogue box is coming up every time I do...

I too have had the problem of team management being completely buggered up - players just being dumped in the reserves when you try and switch them. It seems the only way around is to use the editor to create your formation, annoyingly...


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Well, mine doesn't work at all. When I try to open the .exe, it only shows a message saying "Message_NotInstalled" and then another message saying that "the program has encountered a problem and needs to close..." and stuff. As if it had opened.

What should I do in this case?


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Putting Faces

I was creating a player and I went to make it's appearance, so I inserted an already-created player's head, David Villa, into my created player and Creation Centre kicked me off. What can I do?

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I can't edit the faces of the players. I try to change a few things but they look the same when I open the so-called Creation Centre again.

But who cares? EA Sports don't give a damn, they just want our money and the guys who made the Creation Centre doesn't even bother to visit this site and come up with a decent reply why the Creation Centre is so crappy.


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Hey All i got a problem

Right here's the prob.. I can open CC 2004 all fine fine choose to add Turku from Galatasary and add him to Hammarby, I then save the db and whan I start the game he appears but when I go to add himto the starting 11 players dissapear i.e. add him as striker and the whole striker position dissapears. (He is still in the turkish international squad)

Can I get someone to give a helping hand

Much appreciated


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Is this topic alive? Good. XD
Has anyone find the answer to the "message_notinstalled" error?
Pleaaseee... i ve been waiting an answer for 10 years!!