Creation Centre 2005 Bug thread !!


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Is there a limit to how many 2g faces and kits you can install?
Because at first when I'd only installed a couple of faces the game worked fine, but then I added a couple of more and now the game crashes again! :f***:


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Originally posted by cannonbomber
what happens in my case is that all the offers are put into Region 1, so the only bugger is that I have to do some extra scrolling:)

Yeah i'd just figured that.


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Originally posted by NoE
The game crashes when I make an substitution.

Yes, unfortunately it does :(

However, it's a known issue, it's written on CC's readme. I once had a game without crash when I made a sub, but I don't have a single clue why...


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There are no players in my team in career mode !!!

I hope there's a way to fix this, because i don't want to lose my 12year career...


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Originally posted by FER04
This leyend appear when open program for twon times:
Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.

the cc worked perfectly for 2 days and now it won't open...


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CC 2005 - Enabling 3rd Kits

Notwithstanding the problems encountered with Career mode which are already well documented in this forum, I have a question about importing 3rd kits for those that do not already have them in the game eg Basle

Although I can import the white 3rd kit from within CC 2005 and add an appropriate minikit, it is still not available for selection from the game itself... Only the home and away kits show up

I can see the imported 3rd kit from within Kit raptor (which appears to be scaled back down to 1gk..(no big deal, as the raptor allows me to reload a 2gk version successfully and I CAN see this from within the DRC)

Is there a setting in CC 2005 that I have to change to get the 3rd kits to appear ?
I created a brand new team (CANADA) and was able to import home away and goalie kits OK...but still 3rd kit

This is driving me nuts, so any suggestions would be appreciated fellas


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Ok now it's my turn :) :

I have made 18 new teams and added them to the Portugeese League, and moved the portugeese clubs to RestOfTheWorld. Then I renamed Portugal Superliga to e.g. "My League". So, I launch the game and choose the CareerMode.
First I see that all teams are jammed into Region 1. Ok, I know that this is an issue and it will be fixed, no problem. But!
I still wanted to find my teams. So I was scrolling down and looking for any teams from "My League". And it appers that the portugeese teams are still there! Under "My League", and there are no my teams here!
How can I fix this?


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Team Gone Crash!! :(

I have used CC and edited my team that I have been using for 5 seasons now. I went to load the same team up like always and it loaded np and when I went to look at Squad they were gone I tried to still play next match but it dropped the screen size down and I saw the desktop and then it died and said error do you want to send. I am using Windows XP pro SP2.

Also if I try to start a new Career I get to the point in selecting a team and there are no teams. I still hit select on the blank screen and it dies back to windows desktop this is the same error again. "fifa2005.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close. We are sorry for the inconvenience."

I wonder if SP2 in XP is the issue, allot of companies are having issues with it now in there new releases.

Help please


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My game crashes after installation of the creation centre:

Here are the problems I noted:

i. players without heads in the replay
ii. game crashes if you make substitutions
iii. players position changes, for example a central midfielder end up playing on the wing
iv. some zones have no teams


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ANyone running Windows XP Pro SP2?

If you are and have no issues at all with CC and the game crashing post your fifa.dat file here.



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Well the game crashes for me in career mode when they simulate the other teams and it stops at 41% and crashes.


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Originally posted by Dave_Madrid

Here are the problems I noted:

iii. players position changes, for example a central midfielder end up playing on the wing

Yep I have that prob too. Any1 know a solution?


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That happened to me exactly once. I just went back into CC and did the "build fat/bh files thing and it worked again.

My new problem is that a few players on aston villa and arsenal are all messed up, there names are like:" #*#(@(&%(@&%@(%"and there ages are 444 or something.
This happened to gilberto, pires, and two others. I was forced to delete them!