Creation Centre 2005 Bug thread !!


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Hello, i started this thread for Chau, if he will se it mayby he will change some bugs. So please write here your problems.

My :
1. When i import mini head, or face it doesn't appear in CC and in Fifa 2005 there are white heads in game
2. When i import new kits or flags the game crash
3. In some computers there people can't import new chants to Fifa 2005
4. When i play 2 teams with 2gk kits and with 2gf faces game crash

Currently it's all of bugs in my CC 2005. Chau please help us

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I'm having some problem with fonts, i installed the fonts with Big Raptor, when i apply them with the Number ID manager they look fine but then ingame they don't look right. For example i imported Nike fonts in different colors, Boca Jrs.' GK uses black and home uses yellow, when i change the IDs and they show the proper thing but in game both kits use black font.


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Spot the Difference:



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This leyend appear when open program for twon times:
Arithmetic operation resulted in an overflow.


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BUG: all the rows in the "region_id" column from fifa.db are replaced with 0 so all the teams when starting a career are moved to the UK region


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When you create teams with generic kits, ingame the kits doesn't appear. It says NO TEXTURE. Also the same with adboards, etc.
That really sucks.

Cya !


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Games crashes to desktop, i have made fenerbache, possibly using wrong logos.

SOLUTION: Dont import bmps that have been "saved as..." a bmp from a gif image.

However now i have a generic logo for the fenerbache team :crazyboy:


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My game crashed after I imported a face.
And in the team management option there are NO players. The squad is totaly empty?!


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in any team, it must have a tool bar to edit team rosters, fromation, kits, assets, chants...but my cc05 lose it.


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Once you fix one thing another thing comes up...My game crashed to desktop after importing a face, tweaking attributes, doing a transfer, and changing Alan Smith's hair color, not to mention it allowed me to pump up ratings for some players but for others I could make every attribute 99 and their overall rating didn't change. (this also makes the game crash to desktop)
I've had to re-install and replace files all day.....this needs a patch or new beta testers.


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Am I the only one in heaven?

Since the CC me out, i've been able to double my work load!

Seems like you guys need a better CC Patch

I might be able to fix some probs with CC, as long they are not Net frame ones


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Originally posted by mns
BUG: all the rows in the "region_id" column from fifa.db are replaced with 0 so all the teams when starting a career are moved to the UK region

So that's not that bad you can still get offers from spain can't you ? Or is thier a way to fix that ?


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what happens in my case is that all the offers are put into Region 1, so the only bugger is that I have to do some extra scrolling:)


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I have a portuguese FIFA2005 version. The CC seems to work just fine, but when I run FIFA, all the database is gone, i.e., the teams are all empty (and, of course, you can't play any game)!!! The CC changes are stored in "fifa.db" and "eng.db" files, exactly as it happenned with CC2004; I has an english CC2004 and a portuguese FIFA2004 and never had ANY problem. What's the matter now?!?! I checked tht there are more persons with the same problem. Someone has tried to solve it by installing the english version - I don't think it's fair and, most, I think it is rather suspicious that everybody should now buy the english version.

Can anyone give me a clue? Editing is an important part of the game (I wonder why EA Sports removed the editors from the game - Konami does have an editor!), and I really would like to be able to use the CC2005.