Creation Centre 2004 - Your Ideas

Matt Holme

EA SPORTS have given the green light on a Creation Centre to be made for the FIFA 2004 PC Version. It will be available to download online after the release of the game.

EA SPORTS would like your ideas on what you would like to see in this year's version.

The Creation Centre will be built from scratch, meaning a completely new program to what we saw last year.

This thread is not designed for people to complain about there not being a Creation Centre in console versions. I understand that it is annoying that the Creation Centre will only be available for PC, but please post that somewhere else as this thread is dedicated to ideas for the PC version. There is a very basic Creation Centre style feature in console versions. I do not have exact details on what that involves though.

Please make your lists nice and clear and easy for EA to understand.


Starting XI
*Squad number editing
*Captain selection
*Position selecting. (e.g playing Scholes just behind Van Nistelrooy). I really liked the positioning feature that was implemented in the FIFA 2003 CC update.
*Boot changing
As long as those features are in the CC i dont mind. When the CC was updated for FIFA 2003 i felt that it was just about as much as you need.


The Man From Ohio
I would like the ability to change who takes free kicks from different parts of the field. For example, Henry would take free kicks for Arsenal near the goal, and Bergkamp would take ones that aren't shots, and Campbell could take the defensive ones. Also the ability to edit captains, numbers, sleeve lengths, and the like, would be nice.


Senior Squad
No doubt we need to edit every possible attribute for players (name, number, height, weight, skin and hair color, hair and face type, import your own commentary, skill attributes etc.) and teams.

We also need to create new leagues, but not the way of Creation Centre fir FIFA 2003. We need to create full featured leagues (with promotions, relegations, national cup, and send the teams of the new league to UEFA Cup and Champions League!!!).

Installing a CC package should only affect the teams being edited in the package, we need to install more than one package and the patchmakers need to combine packages to make one big update.

I still dream about an editor similar to Chau's FEd2001. That included all features I ever needed, and it had the great possibility to export just one team or one league and install that later on different computer without affecting any other team or league. It is still my favourite. FCDB XP 2003 is also fine, I would be fully satisfied if Creation Centre 2004 included all features of FCDB XP :)


Starting XI
Originally posted by bjmenge
I would like the ability to change who takes free kicks from different parts of the field. For example, Henry would take free kicks for Arsenal near the goal, and Bergkamp would take ones that aren't shots, and Campbell could take the defensive ones.

That would be great. You could have Roberto Carlos taking distant free kicks and have Beckham taking ones near the box as is what they agreed when Becks joined Real.


Reserve Team
That it will update the game without installing any package, directly when you press on the save button.
I'll appricate if it'll be like this, it's much more comfortable.

The Hedgehog

Reserve Team
I think we (patch-makers) really need a tool with the options that Lukas has written above. I think there should be more graphic importing functions too. We need to import kits-, faces-, flags-, logo-, boots- textures for the self created teams.


Starting XI
I agree with Lukas and Hedge, We need to be able to create a full league, be able to edit the match dates and it would be nice if we could edit the teams logos and league logos in the CC as well


Club Supporter
FIFA 2004 Creation Centre

I agree with many of the above comments about what the FIFA Creation Centre should do.

Personally I like to keep the rostas as up to date and realistic as possible, but even more important I would like a Creation Centre that works.

I never got CC1.6 to work successfully, those who did I give them credit, it is not simple enough for people like me who preferred the FIFA 99 basics to keep the squads current.

So a plea from the heart, Keep It Simple!


Club Supporter
There should be a 3D player model when editing kits, players face hair etc. Hopefully EA will have updates this year (rosters, kits, hair styles) that we can install via the CC. We should be able to edit the appearence of the manager and the manager should be 3D like in Madden. I would also like to see a well designed interface instead of the plain drab one last year, make an exciting fresh one. maybe we could choose different accesories such as arm bands, head bands, Glasses (and the colour). and i'd like to choose the type of capatain band. deffinatley let us change players boots.


Club Supporter
We need to be able to add formations (create) to the game so as not to be stuck to six or seven formations


Youth Team
I say either:

1. Allow for more than one cc patch to be installed at once; say if someone adds, mexican league in one patch and someone else makes uruguay league in a different patch, there should be some way to put them both in the game at once.

2. If that is impossible, have our editing immediately affect the .dbi files like ecp and fcdbxp did.

Hrvoje Bajlo

Fan Favourite
That we can:
*Edit players numbers
*Change captaincy
*More than one patches can be installed (3,4,5...)
*Change formations


instead of working with more than one package I'd say that it shouldn't work as package. It should just edit the dbis so we can work around it a lot.
and if its this way, the program should be able to exchange teams and leagues and players from one dbi to another.

and the saved games shoudl still be there after all the changing.


Reserve Team
- Everything that Lucas wrote (specially the ADD LEAGUE option)
- Add\Create a Team\League without any problems. With logos\flags ect...
- Add Flags, Logos, kits, adbords (all graphics)... simply, so that they are imported in the .fsh file. and that we can use any format e.g. .gif .jpg .png .bmp .... ect
- Add chants & music
- Edit the supporters (home\away colors, kits, flares, ....)
- No Buggs!

And please:
- A button that can generate the ability points for a player
(this could come very usefull when making some unknown players)

van Hooijdonk

Youth Team
their a hope of good ideas so i'm just gonna say something most of the things are already said good job you guys
maybe they can make something like snapshot from your current kit for the mini kits so you dont have to create the mini kits and something to make for the flags
a lot of standard flags extracted from the team colors
and maybe something to let you choose your stadium for new ctreated team ot just normal teams
hope you guys understand the mini kit part ;)


Red Card - Life [Multiple Accounts]
Life Ban
that when u import the package to the game it would be in seconds, not 40 minutes!:(


Red Card - Life [Multiple Accounts]
Life Ban
That the player have a number for the league and another number but for an international cup.
Also i want to play 3 o 4 tournaments (created by me) in the same moment.I have to explain it.First, you create a team.Then, you create a league.Next, you put the team created in the league created.After that, you create some international cups and put the team created there.When you start the league with the created team, in the middle you play games but for the other international tournaments that you have created.Someone knows if this could be?and i would like to create players and put them a number for the league matchs, and other number for international cups.Or, when you play in the league to give a list with the player numbers ;) And someone knows if the created teams can play in the "career mode"?And when is going to be for download the cc for fifa 2004?