CrazyRabbit's - TATTOO


Reserve Team
There is no file conflict with any mode.
For example: i have some custom tattoo in my mods, but when apply your mod, it will apply on the tattoo i use, because you use all the tatoo plot. If you dont want to share all your work, could you please share me some of them? I only need Dani Alves, Di Maria, Kurzuma, Sterling, Depay, De rossi, Gimenez and Theo. That’s all i need. Thank you for everything


Youth Team
It was decided to stop sharing at an unreasonable request.
Surely it is stressful to always receive continuous requests, I thank you for the work done so far, I think your quality is difficult to reach, you are formidable!
Thanks again, hoping you can come back with your fantastic work.


Club Supporter
Help out..looks like the code is corrupted. Anyone with the same issue?


Club Supporter
i've imported tatoos and typed in codes via Cheatengine. it works like charm so does anyone knows how to export this codes as table? i cannot type again and again...everytime when squads file changes/updates... please help