Crash after adding new League, Country and Teams.


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Hello, I started modding my Fifa about 4 days ago and I have now added 16 Teams which plays under Japan in a custom League. Each team has 21-26 players. I also added Japan to the International Friendlys and Europe League (For now), but I have yet to check if that actually works out. My problem at the moment is: I can't start the career mode at all! When it sets up the new League it always crashes around 3/4 of the loading screen.

So at first I thought I made some kind of error somewhere and checked every team, the League, the Cups and kits as well, basicly everything I modded. However I didn't find a single thing so I tried to play a friendly with 2 of my teams which worked without trouble, however the friendly was a League game (like wtf it literally said "My League" instead of Friendly) and if you go into the menu during the game on the top right side it says "Season" instead of friendly. I checked the other leagues to see if CM broke anything, however all other friendlys are working as intented. It's the same thing with the Cup I created, during a game in the menu on the top right it says "Season" again instead of Cup.

The steps I did during modding:
Created a League in the league tab
Created the Teams and set them into the League and made a Japan national team
Set in Country tab the team I created as national team and set objectives
Cloned Kits for the teams
Created the Players
Set formations, pulled players into their positions and jobs (Captain etc.) and rivals
Copied the pro leagues League and Cup in the Tournament tab
Disabled Championsleague for that copy and checked if it draws the teams from my league
Set the league settings under league tab exactly like pro league ones

Any Idea what could cause this? Also does anyone have a clean backup of the locale english language db? I didn't backup that one (fml)


Edit: Nevermind I finally was able to fix it by editing almost every file, including schedules, ini files, combdata (somehow CM added a wrong schedule that doesn't update the league) and increased the max amount of leagues (which was most likely why it ignored my league and bugged the menu with "Season" etc.)

Will see maybe I can do something like moddingway soon lol (prolly not lazy af)
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