Converted balls from EAFC24 and PES to FIFA 16


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Blezz-Patch is doing new Puma balls for Pes.


Freddy Frazebar

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Hi everyone ,I'm new to soccergaming,I was just wondering if we can convert balls from Pes 13 to Pes 6 coz I have the Puma Orbita Serie A 2022 2023 for Pes 13,if it can be made tell me to give the texture to someone that can do it.


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NIKE Flight EPL 22/23. All credit goes to HAWKE from Evo Web!

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Awesome! I'm using FIP 21-22 5.2 patch. For some weird reason, I can't see it in game.

How do you install it? I put the files in OriginGames\FIFA 16\data\sceneassets\ball and regenerated. But is still not working. (?)


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Its 68 i think from last season.

Yes. I think is 68 too, but I replaced it in this folder (OriginGames\FIFA 16\data\sceneassets\ball) and didn't change.
Is there any chance that balls are being saved somewhere else?

EDIT: fixed. FIFA Infinity Patch has plenty of "specificball_textures" in sceneassets\ball that override every ball you try to assign. Remove these files and it will let you play with the new balls.
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BIG thanks and full credit goes to Blezz-patch for this fantastic job! They created all textures. And big thanks and credit for Premier League to Hawke from Evo Web!

I am not happy with mini balls, I will do it again as soon as possible using authentic images.

In this pack:

Derbystar Bundesliga
Kipsta Ligue 1
Nike Premier League
Puma La Liga
Puma Serie A

As I said, I DID NOTHING, all credit goes to them!