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As a long-time WE11/PES user, I recently became frustrated with the game and vowed never to play it again. (But that's another story) Now, I'm considering if I should get FIFA07 or not. Can someone please answer me the following questions:

1) I hear it is a pain to edit or to even move one player to another club. Comparatively in PES, it was easy.Specifically, editing kits or faces are not important to me. But rather, I am more worried about updating the rosters. Is it a pain? Are the patches or what not easy to install to fix this?

2) Compared to old FIFAs, does 07 actually have more intelligent AI? How does it compare with PES6?

3) Is FIFA compatible with my Logitech Gamepad for PC?

4) What in your opinion is the best FIFA feature over PES?

5) What in your opinion is the worst FIFA feature?


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1) It depends, you have a bunch of utilities to modify the game, including rosters, CM works fine for me; it could be kinda "painful" if you're trying to update an entire league

2) don't really know, it's a bit better than 06 and WC06, but no idea comparing it to pes

3) yep

btw, fifa 08 will show at the end of september, if you'regoing to buy 07, would be better to wait


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In my oppinnion, you just have to know this.

If you are buying Fifa 07 to play against computer (AI), dont even bother considering. You will get bored on their scripted and lame gameplay in two weeks or less.

If you are buying Fifa 07 to play online, dont even waste more time reading this. Buy it. You will have so much fun. You will play this game every single day until the next one comes out.


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updating rosters is quite easy, there is a patch out where you just paste the new database over your current one