Connecting to EA server problem


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I recently installed FIFA 12 and I have a problem where it cannot connect to the EA server. However, I do not want it to since it makes the game startup very long and I have to wait for it to say: EA server is not available right now, try again later. How can I disable this so that when the game starts up it does not check my connection?


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Solved connection check

nevermind, i found my solution:

simpson;3118278 said:
Why would you want to do that? This year its worth connecting to EA servers,due to Football Club and all.
But being a web programmer, your question whetted my curiosity.So i sat down with my tools and 10 mins later i found out the answer for you ;)
If you still want to do it.This is how to do it.
open the file
You will have to open the file in notepad.
enter the following lines after the last line in the file

The lines in Green will stop your connection to Origin.So you can start Fifa without connecting to Origin.
The lines in red will stop Fifa from communicating to EA servers.
You can use one or both.Depends upon you.