Complete Romanian League Patch 11 - Volume 2


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Status: Fixing the last possible things right now, while starting to create the patch installation program project.

Europe Involved

In addition to all the huge content we put in v2, we have also increased the game authenticity with a big european update. All the important transfers are up to date, the leagues format is correct (11/12) and most importantly, we have also updated the kits for the most powerful teams in the world, too (Arsenal, Chelsea, Man United, Tottenham, Juventus, Real, Barcelona, Milan etc).

Stay tunned !


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There are a few new faces for european players like Hamsik, David Luiz, Cavani, Adam Johnson etc.
When we will launch the patch we will post a face list too.


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Razvan, ati rezolvat bug-ul cu transferurile? Ca daca nu e o mare problema! :)

Razvan, you solved the bug with transfers? It's a big problem!


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I checked, it's not a bug. Some players don't "want" to go at some teams, because that happens with non CRLP players too. I checked other Liga III players with the same team as you and they did want to transfer. Some players which didn't want to go to Dinamo went to Steaua, some players which didn't want to go to Steaua did want to go in the West. I made some research and I concluded it's normal.


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I've just finished updating a lot the first post, you should check it out now ;)

Sorry about the cover, didn't have time to make the promised one (Torje - Tatarusanu - Adailton). Next season ....

P.S. If you want to play v2 as fast as possible, reinstall now the whole FIFA 11, apply the v1.01 official patch and ... just wait :D


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We will, don't worry. :(
Let's hope FIFA 12 & CM 12 will be more stable and there won't be any impossible bugs to fix.
Unfortunately it seems that Search By Name crashes all the time again, despite we have tried every combination and it worked perfectly until yesterday. The problem is that yesterday we haven't made big database modifications to figure "that caused the problem". The problem is called CM, it can ruin everything just when you press "Save".
Can't believe Rinaldo called this Creation Master Full/Final, it's one of the most buggy programs I've ever entered in.


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The patch has bugs. Not big bugs, normal bugs present in 90% of the patches these days. We will release a FAQ so you know what to avoid, do, to not encounter this.

Don't worry, it is MUCH better than 1.2. Only Search by Name is a confirmed bug. Call your friends, rest your fingers, CRLP Volume 2 is coming tonight! The fourth tier teams are waiting for a supreme comeback/rising to the first league! You can become a star in Be a Pro, and encounter updated western teams in the european competitions! All that with hundreds of new faces, even for 4th tier teams! This is the biggest, and we hope the best Romanian patch ever. Nike Seitiro is ensuring realism in the patch, while lower league teams have the Puma Official Cupa Romaniei ball set. The real boots from 1.2 are present too.


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: I do not have the Romanian leagues when I enter FIFA ! What can I do?
A: You need to regenerate with an older version of Iard68 regenerator or with Creation Master 11, pressing Tools ---> Regenerate .bh files.

Q: I get a crash when I try to search somebody using FIFA's "Search By Name" option ! What should I do?
A: Nothing, almost all FIFA 11 League patches encounter this problem sooner or later, and a proper fix still doesn't exist.

Q: Why I get crashes when the "Man of the Match" is displayed in Manager Mode?
A: You may have probably forgot to install EA's official 1.01 patch before installing CRLP Volume 2.

Q: Why I am getting random crashes in Manager Mode, for example when I'm trying to load my saved manager mode, or when starting a new season ?
A: FIFA 11 sometimes corrupts the career when using the autosaving, but if you try again it should work without any problems whatsoever. If you have this problem, there is one more sollution: saving manually before exiting your career.

Q: Why the opponent team lost 3-0 because it hasn't enough players?
A: In Romania this is sometimes likely to happen especially when talking about low division teams. For example, Cetatea Tg.Neamt (Liga a III-a), started a real life match with only 7 players (, but in FIFA if a team has less than 18 players, that team will automatically loose the match. We have introduced some academy footballers so this should not happen too often, plus it increases .

Q: Why my FIFA jumps years and players are aging faster?
A: It's a FIFA Manager Mode issue (proof here []), there is nothing we can do, but this happens very rarely though.

Q: I want to start a Be a Pro career but I saw in the first patch versions that there are some problems with it. Are these bugs solved ?
A: Yes.

Q: My FIFA has crashed just before populating the transfer list (50%). What can be done ?
A: Just try again and it will work.

Q: Some players do not want to come to my team, having a very low interest level. What can I do ?
A: It is star-related manager problem, some players do not want to go at some teams. For example, some lower league players want to go to Steaua instead of Dinamo, or Western teams instead of Steaua. If your manager rating is increasing to at least 2 stars these situations will definitely not happen (too often) anymore.

Q: I want to come to your forum, throw some bad words, spam, destroy the patch credibility without any arguments, and swear your members aswell. May I do this?
A: No.

Q: I want just to come and inform you of some problems for CRLP 12. May I do this?
A: Yes.