Complete Argentina Transicion 20-21 Season + Rest of the World


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Brand new patch including the Copa Maradona and the many lower league tournaments revamped after the suspension due to the pandemic. Also includes current Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, FIFA Club World Cup, Suruga Bank and Recopa, teams from all the other South American countries, Bolivia (16), Brazil (28), Chile (21), Colombia (24), Ecuador (15), Paraguay (15), Peru (19), Uruguay (19), Venezuela (20) as well as teams competing in other continents major international club tournaments, Africa (15), Asia (40), Oceania (12), North-Central America and Caribbean (26) and Europe (26)
Many corrections to all the stadiums (200+) from previous patch

Here's the Youtube link:

Installation: After you downloaded all the parts in the same folder, unzip and simply move your original FIFA 16 folder or rename it (ie: Fifa 16 original) if you have enough space in your main drive and copy the downloaded patch FIFA 16 folder to the Origin Games folder.

Season mode has been fixed from previous patch. Now it won't crash when you are trying to load a saved career.

Enjoy !!


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I extracted the patch, numberpes13 its has almost 32 gb only the patch. Colgado after extracting i have this errors:
ARGENTINA 20-21.jpg